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  1. FTPI Roll Call 2014

    Sansanee and Swab will not be coming. The baby is due November/December and she will be giving birth in Thailand so we will be there for that. We do have a 10X14 Wall tent located in Key Largo fyi. By the way we found out today the little bundle of a joy will be a boy.
  2. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    CONTACT US, MY WIFE IS THAI. We have people in Thailand.
  3. 000 0004 1

    From the album More fun Projects

  4. Peter Pan and hollywood pirates

    Kicking back watching Peter Pan with the wife as she has never seen it and I couldn't help but notice that all the pirates (including Hook) are either barefoot, in sandals or barefoot . . .
  5. Wheel lock project now underway

    Now you know why I balk whens somebody asks "all I want is a restock, I have all the parts . . ."
  6. Perhaps a comparison reinactor and entertainer could be compared to a band. In one instance the public is able to view a band making music in a studio and interact with them asking questions, this would be a reinactor. The other instance would be for the public to see the same band in concert, this would be a performer. In both cases the band is performing but the performance can be very different.
  7. A shipwreck

    The 1733 Fleet that I have worked in the past several years was originally worked by the Spanish when the ships sunk during the hurricane. Their method was to burn the ship to the waterline then use grapnels to further tear the ship apart provided it could not be refloated. Once this was done they would pick the treasure from what remained of the wreck.
  8. Travelling to an event can go one of two ways, either as a participant or as a visitor. As a participant I believe in "free piracy" not getting paid but given the opportunity to come out of an event without losing money. This can be done many ways, accommodations can be provided or space to camp. Meals can be shared and having some things for sale or doing something where you can make tips to cover your fuel costs. I just can't afford to take time off work and spend money travelling to an event. This is the number one draw for being able to travel to an event. As far as going as a visitor, the better an event the more I want to go. Of course then the costs of going to an event are much more considerable. An evolving example would be Key West. In 2007 I went for the first time as a visitor (sailed down with a friend) and had a great time, knowing people I was able to fire the cannons and my own pistol. I had some basic clothes and wound up spending the night sacked out on the fort wall. In 2008 I was out of the country but in 2009 I put my best effort forward sewing my own clothes and even making a tent. 3 of us carpooled down and had a good time. In 2010 four of us got together and rented a room this was comfortable but also expensive. By 2011 We were doing the math and determined it was about the same cost to rent a room as it was to buy a tent and since we were travelling to other festivals a tent was useable at those as well. Having the tent helped to save the money on the room however the weekend still cost us a fair chunk of change we were unable to recuperate in addition to lost work. Last year we had decided we would just go for a day or two as visitors and stay at a friends house to limit the time taken off work and cost. I feel the I agree with Bright, and in my opinion money is the number one factor. If money wasn't the number one factor we would all be travelling all over the US to as many events as we could. Friends and family would be the second factor Vendors would be another factor, period is better but the vendors bring the public and without the public its just a private party. Food need to be available either for purchase or for meals. Weaponry, this may sound funny but just having it there is a draw. There doesn't have to be a battle or shooting but it needs to be present. Having gone thru this list there are several events that I travel to through FL and I would rank them as follows. Key West, number 1 for family and friends Port Salerno Seafood fest (while not a pirate fest there is a growing number of pirates and encampment as part as the show), number 1 for public as there were around 40,000 that passed thru on just the one day this year Cocoa Beach Pirate fest/pirate con number 1 for vendors, everything from treasure to polyester Overall most recent best and room to grow would be the Treasure Coast Pirate Fest and here's why: A fair number of vendors (roughly 120), on the water plenty of grass (no sprinklers), decent encampment (first year and maybe 15 tents so far), plenty of food options for purchase and cooked in the encampment, music and a stage far enough away that it doesn't detract from the encampment, the best acoustic location for black powder I have found (there is a bridge and you get almost a dozen echoes off every shot), and room to grow into a bigger festival. Personally an "ultimate" festival would include the rooms we have available at fisherman's village (literally above most vendors) for showers etc., the family gathering of Key West, the vendors of pirate con, the freedom seen at John Levique for shooting, an encampment in a large shaded spot, the crowds of the seafood fest (spaced out over the entire festival not in one day), and lasting 2 weekends setup on a Thursday and break down on Monday.
  9. Shoes and slippy decks

    A good read, What I was able to gather is that shoes were preferable to be worn aboard ship, although they often had to be replaced as they would not last long. However, my premise has always been that without a replacement source shoes were too valuable to be worn on a daily basis.
  10. 2013 Year End Gift Exchange - Information and sign up

    I received my gift in the PO box today, a hand drawn map. Thank you twas my only gift this christmas
  11. nock nock

    From the album More fun Projects

  12. Nock Volley Gun

    The info on the load was already posted, no lead loose poured.
  13. Nock Volley Gun

    7 .50 cal. barrels that are fired at the same time. The lock fires the central barrel which in turn fires the remaining 6 barrels. After test firing yesterday it was determined that there was no noticeable delay in any barrel ignition will all firing perfectly. The weight is just under 15 pounds and the charge was 40 grains per barrel loose poured with no packing. We started out at 40 grains and determined that was about perfect for demonstrations, no kick nice solid boom and we can get roughly 30 shots per pound of powder instead of 15.