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  1. We are Ye Pyrate Brotherhood located on the Island of Long in New York. We are currently in search for some new comrades in arms to join us in our crew. We do various events from Olcott NY down to NJ performing in a family friendly show with a treasure hunt for the kids. We use black powder replica flintlocks and a newly aquired cannon. Our blades are steel but not sharpened of course. We also do lectures at public libraries. If this is something that interests you please contact us at or 631-894-3417 Check out our website at
  2. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    Good day to all you sea rovers... My sincerest apologizes for not updatin' this topic but better late than never as they sez... Our dates are the same... Sept 19-20 ( talk like a pirate day!) Location is the Brookhaven Ampitheater on Bald Hill, NY. Charites are John T. Mather Hospitals Lympedema Center and the Local Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. $10 per person (under 5 free) with $1 off with a non persishable food item for Island Harvest Food Bank. $3 parking for an additional, as of yet,undetermined charity or maybe a scholarship. We have numerous groups that will be entertainin' the guests such as The Brigands, The Valhalla Pirates, The Bawdy Bucanners. We will also be havin' some belly dancers and other acts as well as a kids zone, black powder area, food etc... Lets here back from some o ye who will be attendin'... fair winds to you all... James B. Hawke Ship's cooper
  3. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    Well, here is the latest... First off we need to change the date of this event to Sept 19-20. What a nice coincidence...The 19th is "Talk like a pirate" day!! Second, we could not secure our top choices for a venue due to black powder restrictions. We have however seem to be able to proceed with Lido Beach, NY which, upon inspection appears to be an even better location as it is ON THE BEACH! A correction to one of our charities... it is not the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation but the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Sorry about that. I will continue to update when information becomes available. Hope everyone can attend the on the new dates... James B. Hawke Ship's Cooper Ye Pyrate Brotherhood (aka Gregory Serra)
  4. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    Here is latest scoop on the Long Island Pirate Festival... First I want to say... This event will be benefitting a number of local charites such as the Long Island Chapter of the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation, Mather Hospital's Lymphodemia Center, Long Island Cares Food Bank... We are having difficulty in tying down a venue. Our first choice now is the campus of Suffolk Community College in Brentwood but are running into insurance issues. We are looking at other possible sites such as Belmont Raceway, Cold Spring Harbour, Bald Hill, etc... If anyone out there has an idea and some information on a particluar venue, please send it to All help is welcome. We have over 70 vendors waiting in the wings for us to get this venue issue finished as well as numerious entertainers. We still need sponsors, so if anyone has a contact or wishes to sponsor please contact the above email address. Lets hear from all the pirates out there who think they may be able to attend. We want the Northeast to have its very own Annual Pirate Festival that will not only let us carry out our piratical ways but will generate needed revenue for some very worthwhile charities. James Bartholomew Hawke Ship's Cooper
  5. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    Just an update on how things are progressing.... We are looking at the weekend of June 6 -7 at either Tanner Park in Copiague, LINY or on the grounds of St.John's Oakdale campus. Also since our group has been a non-profit organization these past 10 years we are going to be donating a substantial portion of the proceeds to 2 local charites. We are in talks with Good Samaritan Hospital for thier Childrens Ward and John T. Mathers' Breast Cancer Center. This event is starting to grow and the word is spreading. Please feel free to post any suggestions or contact us if you want to be a vendor or entertainer or sponsor. Will keep you all posted on further developments... James B. Hawke Ship's Cooper Ye Pyrate Brotherhood (aka Gregory Serra)
  6. Black Powder Regulations

    As the one who started this topic, I must say I am well pleased with the reaction. All comments have been quite reasonable, cordial and informative. As one who is new to reenacting and using BP I am heartened to know that this subject seems to be quite important to many and I do not stand alone in my concerns for not only providing the general public a very entertaining diplay but also allowing the reenactor community to practice thier BP artistry in a contolled and safe environment at our upcoming pirate festival in 2009. I would also like to add, that a fully stocked first aid kit with an eye wash kit placed in a conspicuious location would be a must. Agian, keep the suggestions comming. I am revising my BP regulations and adding quite a few of the fine points mentioned here.
  7. Black Powder Regulations

    Many thanks to all the suggestions. I am glad to be getting the feeling that I'm not going over the top on this. I will certainly consider all of the replies and will be revising my document. Please, if anyone else wants to chime in, feel free. The more opinions the better. I will be contacting some local fire departments to see what thier take on this is. I would feel a whole lot better if we had an actual "permit" in place for our event. The hunt continues....
  8. Black Powder Regulations

    Well, let us all hope that this does not start a butterfly effect and cause more issues. At it stands now, for the next Long Island Pirate Festival I will be overseeing the BP issues. I have included below a document, which was pieced together from various sources, that I wish to utilize. Any comments??? BLACK POWDER REGULATIONS for THE LONG ISLAND PIRATE FESTIVAL JUNE 2009 Any person from an authorized and dually recognized pirate organization, by “Ye Pyrate Brotherhood” or their authorized representative, who wishes to participate in displaying and/or discharging working replica or antique firearms and/or artillery at this event, will read and sign each item on all pages in the presence of a designated “Black Powder Marshall” (BPM), that they understand and will adhere to these rules and general guide lines. It is the responsibility of each individual to follow these rules. These rules and guidelines are for the safety and security of all participants and spectators. Any non-working replica firearms or artillery are not subject to these rules. Group: ________________________________ Print Name: ______________________________ 1. All working replica or antique firearms and artillery pieces are to be surrendered for inspection and inventoried prior to being allowed onsite EACH DAY OF THE EVENT. They are to be fully inspected and approved for use by the appointed Black Powder Marshall for functionality, cleanliness and safety. Initials ______ 2. All working replica or antique firearms must have a fully working lock, serpentine screw or sparking flint. They must have a secure pan cover, the stock is in good repair and barrel firmly seated in the stock. Initials ______ 3. Any firearms or artillery pieces that do not meet the above criteria are to be immediately removed from the event area or dually secured in a locked and secure box and removed from public access and view. Initials ______ 4. All working replica or antique firearms are to be cleaned at the end of each day or after 2 consecutive misfires caused by fouling. Initials ______ 5. AT NO TIME WILL ACTUAL AMMUNITION (BALL) OR OTHER PROJECTILES BE ALLOWED ONSITE. THERE WILL BE NO EXECPTIONS! ANY PERSON FOUND TO BE IN POSESSION OF AMMUNITION (BALL) OR OTHER PROJECTILES WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY. Only soft toilet paper is to be used for wading and the thickness should not exceed the bore of the gun. Initials______ 6. All working replica or antique firearms may be carried on your person for display and educational purposes ONLY in the event that they are they are NOT LOADED. Re-enactors are not to allow the general audience to handle any working replica or antique firearms or artillery even when not loaded. Initials ______ 7. All working replica or antique firearms and artillery pieces are to be loaded and/or discharged only in the designated so called “Free Fire Zone” under the supervision of the Black Powder Marshall (BPM) on duty. Initials______ 8. There is a “Neutral Zone” surrounding the “Free Fire Zone” that is no less than 6 feet wide, separating the general audience from the re-enactors. No firearms are to be allowed in or passed through this area. All participants will enter and exit the “Free Fire Zone” via the designated and marked area. Initials______ 9. There will be, on duty, at all times a designated “Black Powder Marshall” (BPM) overseeing the “Free Fire Zone”. All participants will obey any and all directives and procedures given by them. Any participant that does not follow all directions may be asked to leave and secure their firearms for the duration of the day or event. Initials______ 10. No propellant other than approved commercial black powder will be used. All black powder storage magazines will be properly marked and secured from view. There will be no handling of black powder in the direct view of the general public or spectators except in the “Free Fire Zone”. Initials______ 11. Prior to discharging any firearm or artillery piece the participant with yell “FIRE IN THE HOLE” to notify his or her intention to fire. A firearm or artillery piece will never be aimed at a person or animal and attention will paid to the direction and speed of the wind in order to avoid any backwash of smoke or black powder flash endangering any person or property. Initials______ 12. Any misfires will be identified by yelling “MISFIRE” and brought to the immediate attention of the Black Powder Marshall. The participant will then attempt to safely discharge their firearm or artillery piece. If a second misfire occurs the pan will be cleared and the touch hole un-fouled using the proper pick tool, the flint inspected and pan re-primed with fresh powder and a discharge attempted. If it still will not fire, it will be handed over to the Black Powder Marshall (BPM) where they will attempt to safely discharge the firearm. Initials______ 13. LASTLY, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, ALWAYS TREAT FIREARMS WITH THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE. ALWAYS USE COMMON SENSE WHEN HANDLING ANY FIREARM AND ALWAYS THINK SAFETY FIRST. Initials______ I HAVE READ AND INITIALED ITEMS 1 THROUGH 13 ABOVE AND UNDERSTAND EACH ITEM AND MY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. I WILL ABIDE BY ALL THE ABOVE RULES AND GUIDELINES TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY AND ATTEMPT TO ENFORCE THEM WITH OTHERS FOR THE GENERAL SAFETLY OF ALL. Group: _________________________________ Print Name: ______________________________ Date: _________________________ Sign: ___________________________________ BPM: _______________________________ Date: _______________________
  9. Black Powder Regulations

    As far as Liability Insurance goes, our group has always been covered. The main issue as I see it is that when your festival is underway and a little towny or park minion steps up with his chest all inflated spouting off that a permit is required and the local police on site take their side and not ours. Not having an actual document in hand stating the regulations is annoying and getting into a long disertaion with these folks only adds to the fustration. Captain Thighbighter is correct in that our Long Island Pirate Festival we were able to fire once the park guy left but again it does not resolve any further disputes. As some said, contacting the local police and firemarshalls and obtaining clearance through them would seem prudent but do they actually issue a document you can produce to any authority that may request it at the event? I know this may sound as if i am going on about this but through all of my research it seems quite odd that no entity has any solid information concerning the use of BP. And thanks to all here that posted replys and if anyone else has some input please post.
  10. Brown bess flintlock

    Capt Rhedd, This be James B. Hawke of Ye Pyrate Brotherhood. That piece looks strikingly like our Quatermasters gun that we have fired many times. All the marking are the same as well the overall look. I would suggest bringing it to one of our next get togethers so Liam La Croix (Bill) can give it a eyeballin'. Fair winds to you and yer bonny lass. James B. Hawke (aka Gregory Serra) Ship's Cooper Ye Pyrate Brotherhood
  11. Our group has been doing re-enactment at various festivals which utilize black powder either in our show or for demo purposes. We have been approached by local park/town representatives claiming we need a "black powder permit" in order to carry and/or discharge our pistols. We never carry, nor do we even own any actual ammunition (balls). I have attempted to research this issue via the internet, letters to our local town, police and parks deptartments and even to the ATF with either no response or they do not know. This caused us some consternation at our first Long Island Pirate Festival when a parks dept rep stated we needed such a permit but was unable to provide any details. He just waives his arm and told us to cease and desist. Does anyone out there have any information on this topic. I do realize it may a regional/local issue which will vary depending on locale but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... James B. Hawke Ye Pyrate brotherhood
  12. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    Well shiver me timbers!! Here we go again!! We be gettin’ ready fer the 2nd Annual Long Island Pyrate Festival to be takin’ place in the latter half of June 2009. So polish up them guns and cutlasses me hearties… we already startin’ to git venders and performers signed aboard. But o’ course always happy to have more!! Drop us a line at for more info as it becomes available. Visit our sites at or Fair winds to you all!! James Bartholomew Hawke Ship’s cooper
  13. PC Facial Hair...

    Looking for some feedback on what opinions there are for facial hair. I have had full beards, mustache alone, goatee, side burns, etc. I have received some comments by the "civilian population" when clean shaved that I do not look "hairy" enough to be a pirate. I do assume there were razors then and were used not only by the upper classes. Please chime in. Thanks...
  14. CALLING ALL PIRATE POETS (and artists!)

    Hows about "Piratry", a cross between Piracy and Poetry for a title?
  15. Blackbeard!

    How about Liam Neeson as Blackbeard and Hugh Grant as Maynard?