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  1. Pirate's Salty Ball

    Had a great time at the Pirate's Salty Ball IV last night. Lots of old friends and some new ones. Much rum was consumed, many songs were sung. A hearty Well Done and Huzzah to Captain Thighbiter and the Brigands for a job damn well done. Hawkyns Captayne of the Mermayde.
  2. Cascabel- I've been reenacting since the early 80's- 15th, 16th, 17th C, WWII, pyrate, ACW, ECW, F&I, RevWar. I can count the number of times I've been paid on two hands and have fingers left over. I've paid fees to attend a great many events, even those that charged the public to enter. I've never yet felt that they took advantage of me, for two reasons. Most of those evetns that I've paid to attend were at historic sites. The whole idea of the event was to raise money for the site for preservation or maintainance. For them to provide wood, water, and portaloos out of the gate money would be a counterproductive to the whole idea of the event. I've also attended many private events where there was no public, and we had to pay for the services that the camp needed. Second big reason is that I do this primarily for myself. I don't need the public to have a good event. I'm there to live the life, of whatever period I'm reenacting. I want the immersion experience. Not everyone does, and I'm not criticizing you for having a different mindset. But do be careful and don't think that I'm being taken advantage of, because I'm not. I'm paying for my time machine.
  3. Signature pic

    OK, is it me being technically stupid or is there a problem with trying to load a picture as part of my sig line? I want to take the old expired photo out and put a new one in but when I go to images on the sig line edit it just sits there.
  4. Hmmm , much of this has been said before, but when dealing with event organisers, I don't think it can be said too often. 1) People. Yes, there are certain crews that, if I hear are going to be there, it bumps the event up my list. Our crew is living history based, so being the only crew of that type at an event can be a real downer. Especially, if the rest of the event is fantasy based, or aimed at the average 7 year old, we get bored real quick. So there definitely needs to be a mix that includes some of the hard core folks. 2)The Camp. Grass to pitch tents on, enough space to run our lines, fire pits permitted (all our cooking is done on the fire, so no fire pit means cold food for the weekend), flushies or sufficient porta-loos that are maintained, firewood (especially with all the restrictions about transporting firewood across state lines), and a clean water supply. 3)Battle. A major part of our crew activities are centered around the cannon and musket firing, and sword to sword combat. A no drawn weapons or no blackpowder policy and we are not going. 4)Private hours. We are a privateer crew. While we may be historically correct during the day, we do tone it down somewhat to make it at least PG-13. After hours, around the fire, all bets are off. We don't want to be dealing with the public during our time to be ourselves and cut loose. What I DON'T base participation on. 1) Stipends. Yes, they are nice and we get some during the year which pay for our insurance. Beyond that, we are not in this game to make money. 2)Meals. We cook our own and eat in our tavern, The Greyhound. Having a meal provided, which is most often not a period meal, is a distraction, not an asset.
  5. Hello from Hawkyns!

    Good Day t' ye All! I'm back. Been away for a bit. Life, as they say, intervened. But now back, with a crew- The Crew of the Mermayde. We're a crew from 1660-1670. Going for the very authentic, living history side of the game. One of Morgan's fleet. we're composed of survivors and exiles of the ECW, supporters of Charles II and looking to take the fight to the Spanish.
  6. Small arms

    The problem is that the way the rules are set up, there is little for small arms to do. We can't close with the opposite side and can't do any sword play. Plus, the number of cannon on the field, and the large number of people needed to crew them safely, has decimated the pool of people available to turn out with SA. We wind up with a lame battle, fought by too few people on too large a ground. Hawkyns Captain of The Mermayde
  7. FTPI Roll Call 2013

    I'm in. Likely just myself in a small wedge, but I'll be under my own colours as the Mermayde.
  8. FTPI Roll Call 2013

    Planning on it. Hoping to bring a couple of Mermayde crew with me next year.
  9. Smell Like a Pirate

    Good point, Cascabel. While we purists might appreciate the work put into smelling correctly, I doubt the general public would undestand or appreciate it. Personally, I'd just be happy if the pirate community would stop wearing modern perfumes, colognes, and deoderants with their kit. Nothing spoils a good looking kit like getting close and realising that the person smells like Victorias Secret or the Body Shop. Hawkyns Master Gunner.
  10. Smell Like a Pirate

    If you've spent any time below decks in a wooden ship, you know they have a unique smell. Wet wood, tar, mold, bilgewater. Historically, you could add the scent of slush (rancid fat used to grease wood and line), and stagnant drinking water. These are smells that would permeate the clothing of anyone who spent time and stored their kit below decks. I'm not sure how you'd recreate it withjout a ship, but it would certainly mark a sailor in a crowd. Hawkyns Master Gunner
  11. "The Guns of Hampton"

    How about a live recording at FTPI?
  12. Loose Cannon

    New England is not the hotbed of serious pirate reenacting. There are a couple of good crews but they are spread very thin and far apart. We see far more of the ren fair type gatherings, similar to the one at Salem. Where in Mass are you, and what are you interested in? I'm in CT and we are a small crew interested in the living history side of pyracy. Hawkyns Master Gunner Captayne of the Mermayde
  13. Can't see anything that would make me give up. Tornado, bad event organisers, police hassles, antipathy to authenticity- and I'm still here. I've got to say, I think New England is kind of a backwater in Pirate reenacting when compared to the mid-atlantic and south east. If anything could, I suppose it would be the lack of decent events. I travel south for the good ones, and that's becoming more of an issue, cost wise. Hawkyns Master Gunner
  14. One of the 2013 Projects

    I've been looking for an escopeta like that for years. What are you using for a lock? Hawkyns Master Gunner
  15. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    Her's one of my late 16th Century kit, taken on the Half Moon.