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    Pirates will invade Yorktown Va. at the Watermans Museum and Riverwalk Landing, April, 28th. & 29th. 2018. SAT. 10am - 6pm, SUN.12 noon - 5pm.
  2. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I was looking through my shirt drawer and came across my old Pyracy.Com T-shirt i got from Stinky, thought i would take a look and see if Pyracy. Com was still afloat. To my surprise not only afloat but there was a crew aboard, a skeleton but there. Couldn't believe my eyes, i was seeing posts dates with no year behind them. Hope no one has taken my hammock
  3. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I'm i reading this right? Is this thing on!!!
  4. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    it has been a seaworthy vessel, but its voyage is at an end. "captian, open the sea cocks or light the powder train to the magazine?"
  5. new pub layout???

    when i bring up the pub now i see a generic version. the red and gold colors are gone and the skull also. is this what i should be seeing????
  6. The Traverse Board

    i tried to arrange the numbers in the grid pattern. didn't work very well.
  7. The Traverse Board

    i have made a traverse board and explained it use and also researched the different boards displayed on the internet. about a year ago i had someone tell me that on the speed grid (ship knots across the top and half hours down the side) there should be an extra set of speed holes to the left on each knot grid and it would be pegged if the ship was becalmed. the "Mariners Museum" it Newport va. has a traverse board similar but with only one extra speed holes located to the far left on the first grid. so it look like this: 0 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 the time 1-8 bells, the knots 1-5 with the 0 only in the one far left grid, the Mariners Mm traverse does not have a zero, it is left blank. comments thoughts???? .
  8. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

    very fine lines, she will sail like a breeze. fair winds and following seas to you.
  9. if i might be so bold, i thought i would post the greeting to all who are aboard this year. i looked back though the christmas greetings from the past and wondered where those pirates are today, kind of a ghost of christmas past thing. to those that still fly the colors and those who flew them, i wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  10. 'appy Birthday to Ye Mister 'Stynky' Tudor

    headed out for some festivities, will drink a toast to you!!!
  11. Oklahoma pirates?

    dog, sounds like you are going to put an oar on your shoulder and head inland, when you run into someone who ask you "what is that thing you're carrying?" that is the place you are going to settle. they have a ren fair in norman ok. every year, this years is mar. 27-29, 2015. good place to find a crew to sign on to. my daughter lives in norman. i have been there and to lawton several times.
  12. Pirate story

    i was in the us navy for 20yrs 72-92. during my early years at sea the men would bring board games on board to play during free time. such as checkers, chess, backgammon and etc. on an aircraft carrier we did have some extra room to stow such item in our work spaces, you didn't have the room for a board game in your bunk space. we also had a tv that the ship would broadcast old movies on. so time off or free time was spent writing letters home, watching old movies, reading books or playing some game with your shipmates. cards were also a pass time and i do recall some cash ending up on the table. now i am part on a historic ship sailing crew, there isn't much space on board a 40ton ship with it's full crew and supplies on board, cards still end up on the table and board games, though most people have their electronic muses to keep company with. pirate ships were crowded vessels, the men were there to make money, games would be games of chance if not to gamble with their shipmates at sea then to keep their skills sharp for those cut throats in port.
  13. Pirate story

    in the book "joy roger" by patrick pringle printed in 1953, he refers to cards or dice. dice would be the easiest to keep on ones person, cards could get soaked.
  14. which axe will i wear today

    could not help myself! i went over and reconned loyalist arms many web sites not sure which is the lates. as of 10 min ago there is not a new axe or hint of one. looks like the same axes he has had forever.
  15. which axe will i wear today

    just attended the blackbeard event this weekend, my thought was it was a little thin on pirate reenactors and your walk on rein fair types you-know(huge hats lots of feathers and enough bobbles around their necks to sink a 40 gunner) there were open sites that in the years past had been crew camps. also have begun to see CW, 1812, folks pirating up some what to get in.