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  1. period correct pistol

    It's been a looong time since I posted here, but I can't help but weigh in on this a bit... Muzzle Loaders Builders Supply- Great place, got a kit from them 2 years ago I'm still trying to get time to do.. Indeed, it is the very one pictured above, the Fine English Georgian pistol... Fast service, Best Quality parts,Susie is Great. I see the Business is up for Sale, but it says everything is business as usual. She is also VERY knowledgeable about early flint pistols, as she purchased original examples and thats what she made her kits with. If you are having any trouble putting any together, call her... I couldn't be happier with the parts or the service... Blackley and Son- Fantastic Quality. I have actually seen their parts in person at a Gunshow last year. However, time should not be an issue if you order a kit from them. I ordered the Screw barrel in Aug 2010 and do not have it yet. Communication has not been the best, either, and I really did not start pushing about it until April this year... I'm used to dealing with small Dealers, Makers, etc, and even waiting 2 years for something in reenacting is not unheard of, if you know it going into it, its not an issue... But, that being said, I got an email a month ago saying there had been an ongoing issue with the Frame castings. Apparently, the Firm Blackley's uses for their Heat Treating, etc. made some minor changes which ended up having major problems, and they have been trying all this time to figure out what was going on. It is supposed to be fixed, now. I understand, of course, but I would have really preferred to have been clued in long before now... Sooooo.... Hopefully I will receive it sometime this year :-( The sad thing is, I've been dying to have this kit for about 8 years now, and could only afford it last summer.. .. BDC
  2. Solid lead pencils?

    Well, looks like we have our work cut out for us,huh, Patrick? Lol.... I wonder if anything like this has been recovered from the Whydah or the QAR ? I'll try to do some digging around on the web this weekend and see what I come up with. Maybe trip down the street to see if the Mariners Museum has anything on display. ;-) BDC
  3. Sword Carriage

    Heres my question: If, as we know, pirates of the GAOP went virtually everywhere armed to the teeth, how would a cutlass be carried on shore ? I'm assuming that at the very least, in places like Port Royal they would stay armed, and its clear by many accounts that any time they went ashore while actually out sailing, as for fresh water, provisions, etc, as well as raiding, they carried arms, HOW then were swords carried? Especially for the common crewman..... Thrust into a belt, scabbardless? On a belt via frog, with scabbard? On a baldric, and if so, what type? I've seen a few pics but I'm having a hard time coming to a conclusion.... Thoughts, one and all? BDC
  4. Solid lead pencils?

    Well, I'm curious, tho..... whats the consensus of the lead holder Jas. Townsend's selling? I'm going to buy one just for my carpentry work around the shop, as it looks way cooler than the modern ones, and the leads refillable! But is it at all correct for GAOP impressions? I'm terribly un-versed in period writing implements........ :-( Course, probably if I learned how to write it might help...... ;-) BDC
  5. Powder?

    To jump back to the original thread for a second, if all goes well and I get the time off, I will be driving down from Virginia, as theres some friends/places I want to visit along the way. I will be sure to pack a few spare cans myself if it all goes well..... And I have several spare cartridge boxes laying about, too, so no worries there, either.... BDC
  6. The Mercury, 1720 Clothing and Weapons

    Well, hadn't thought about it, but yeah, I could sell it..... I have a brand new, completely hand sewn linen shirt I could sell, too, it was made for me, but my friend got a couple measurements mixed up, and it will no way ever fit my shoulders. NEVER even been worn, as I could never even get it on to try it! Lol.... I'll see if I have anyting else laying about , and if I get a chance to make a few more things before Nov, I will...... ;-) BDC
  7. The Mercury, 1720 Careening Camp

    I'm thinking out loud here, about the whole piles of stuff laying about idea. I wonder if Hay bales wrapped in canvas and tied up package style might not make pretty passable bales of cloth or wool or what have you.... anything that came in BALES, as it were....... seems like a sturdy 9x9 tarp might fit about right. And would be pretty cheap, I would think.... Thoughts? BDC
  8. Roll Call 2007

    Thanks much, I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to actually see if I can pull off a week or so of vacation, I got to looking at the dates again. Most everyone will be trying hard to get vacation AFTER this, so it may very well work out in my favor. I usually work the Holidays, anyway, as I'm a heathen and have no immediate family , so I usually work and rake in the Holiday pay ! Lol... So it shouldn't be too hard to get this time slot approved. BDC
  9. The Mercury, 1720 Clothing and Weapons

    I have several, and a pair of extra slops ...... and at least one short jacket extra at this point, made from Kass's pattern in wool. (Made it a bit too small, but its spot on correct. ) BDC
  10. The Mercury, 1720 Clothing and Weapons

    Is this the Bloody Davy Cash from the PB? Hope you can make it down... would be grand to see you again. The one and only, at your service! ;-) BDC
  11. The Mercury, 1720 Clothing and Weapons

    I'm seriously considering coming to this, esp. since you all are making the effort to have at least one Historical area to play in, it sounds like you all are off to a pretty good start. And I agree with one of the earlier posts, you don't NEED Bucket boots, cause you don't NEED shoes even for a simple period impression. In fact, shirt, slops and maybe something for your head is truly all you HAVE to have to be a period 17-teens Seaman. Pirate or otherwise. Yeah all the bells and whistles are cool, but not every man on every crew had much more than clothes on his back, or maybe a change of as well.... So, if you are wanting to be authentic , don't let lack of "stuff" deter you. Get your basics right from the start and it will be no time at all before you have more gear than you know what to do with, trust me! My only problem with this event is my work schedule. It often varies widely and we often don't get our final schedule until the day before it starts! :-( But if I can block out a week, I'm going to make every effort to do so and support this if I can! BDC