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  1. What are you reading right now ?

    well I'm certainly enjoying this one so I'll have to check those out
  2. PotC 5...

    yes but thinking about the three of them in that manner is so much more entertaining!
  3. Charming Court Sword

    One day I'll have money for something like that
  4. What are you reading right now ?

    Currently digging into ... The Only Life That Mattered: The Short and Merry Lives of Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Calico Jack Rackam by James L. Nelson I know a lot of it is speculation and historical fiction but it seems like he really did his research
  5. PotC 5...

    I'm not actually looking for a fight, you're just being thin skinned about my ribbing. And the reason for my ribbing is that you're being so damn serious about a Disney movie. Nothing about PoTC is supposed to be serious. So in the interest of keeping peace I'll stop trying to throw darts at you.
  6. PotC 5...

    argue, debate, whatever... with pirates someone always gets a lead shot in the end. And no, I haven't figured this site out yet, I've only been here a few days. I'm more of a burn everything in my path type of girl anyways. Speaking of which, sorry if my metaphor was too advanced for you, I'm sure you'll get it eventually.
  7. PotC 5...

    argueing about the historical accuracy of needles, track marks, or any of those other things in a PoTC movie is like telling the 300 lb guy dressed as Sailor Moon at the anime convention that he got the bows wrong.
  8. PotC 5...

    You mean how Kiera Knightly was so less than perfect in the first 3 movies? This is Disney, not a documentary, lol. They should put the best looking and most capable actress they can find ^^
  9. PotC 5...

    That was my first thought too, she's also pretty enough (Anne was supposed to have been a knockout even by today's standards).
  10. Well then, show yer weapons...

    Oh sure, I'm a bit partial to the "bunker hill" sword I see on various sites. But I love rapiers and their smaller cousin, the smallsword. I've been considering Windlass steelcraft's 1840 NCO sword as a cheep alternative.
  11. Ahoy

    I had to look that word up but yah, funny. How would a Green Lantern pirate be received at an event?
  12. Ahoy

    yes he likes rum and he's flirted with the idea of pirate reenactment but he's too busy dressing up like Green Lantern and Jedi
  13. Ahoy

    Hmm... don't think we'll be back in Virginia by then so probably won't be able to make that event. *sigh* oh well. I know my Dad would like it as much as me.
  14. NEW RUM!

    The word "kraken" seems to have an interesting effect on Steampunks... to paraphrase and throw in a geek reference, "Kraken? That is a worship word, you shall not speak it".
  15. Well then, show yer weapons...

    I love it but it's a little big for me. I'm just 4 apples high as my Pa likes to say. I'm lobbying hard for a nice smallsword.