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  1. Not the best idea ever thought up...

    See... the problem lies in that this "Pirate Pete" is drinking and then his crew or others in the camp let him go fire the gun... One of the biggest safety rules that I know the vast majority of us follow is that if you've been drinking... you don't get to shoot.... period. As a safety officer for my crew, if you are at an event we host and pull such a stunt... I will bodily remove you from the encampment and you will NEVER be allowed at one of our events. More than likely after that... you'll be blacklisted from most events.
  2. Treasure Island (2012 with Eddie Izzard)

    I liked the movie over all, but as mentioned some of the kit was strange.. the strangest, IMO, was the vest worn by Isreal Hand... leather and chainmaille patches. Looked more like it should be in a Mad Max movie than in this movie.
  3. Range question

    I can't find a specific source, but everything I can find tells me this: Cannon range was dependent on type/size of cannon. For example: An 18 pound (cannon's were usually rated by the weight of the cannon ball they fired) long gun with a charge of 5lb of powder (from what I can find the charge was somewhere between a 1/4 or 1/3 of the shots weight) was capable of penetrating nearly 2 feet six inches into oak at a range of 400 yds. and over 1 foot at 1000 yds.
  4. campaign furniture

    Yeah, I liked that too... Mission or any of the other doc/apocathery types might like that "medical measuring cups" that were displayed there too.
  5. campaign furniture

    When I saw the topic I thought you all were talking about this site:
  6. MTA 2012- Congratulations crew!

    What's the blue box next to your tent with the lid propped open? looks like maybe a big writing desk? Awesome display!
  7. whats this hat?

    To me, this looks like a straw hat with a wide brim and the sides are pinned up, not a tricorn. the other picture definitely looks like a straw hat done up like a tricorn and even worn backwards, unless it was easier to draw/paint it that way so to define it as a tricorn... I dunno, but it does look like a tricorn.
  8. Tentage

    The problem I see is that if you're going to be on asphalt most of the time, you're not going to want one of the standard wall tents you see at events because they have to be staked down. You're going to want something that's more free standing unless you can arrange to get setup in a grassy area where they will let you use stakes.
  9. Tentage

    Aye, never seen the inside of Hugh's tent, but that is the reason I had the wall put in mine. Also there are places where I can't setup the awning for my tent do to space restrictions so the interior wall allows me to leave the front of the tent open and still have a place to get out of the sun and not have to find some way to hide the modern cot and things
  10. Tentage

    I recently got a wall tent from Tentsmiths and had them put a divider wall in it to separate the back from the front. It's held in with toggles so you can take it down if you don't want the privacy. I think Panther's will do the something similar. One of the things I like about Panther's is that they make their ground cloth and floor all one unit. I need to remember to order one of those for my tent so I don't have to carry two separate items.
  11. Happy birthday Madam grace

    LOL... they're always 25 again... right up until they finish partying all night long and have to wake up and run a show Happy Birthday Gracie!
  12. Captain John Smiths book of seamans grammar

    There's a very good printable version of this at
  13. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    I know my crew really wanted to support the Nyckel and this event, but with so little information and so much other personel things that need to be taken care of, we just won't be able to be there this year. Next year maybe.
  14. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    So, who all is going to be there? We (The Vigilant Crew) got this in response to what are we doing: I keep thinking about going, but I don't really feel like carrying my stuff around all day with no place to drop it off for a bit of a rest. Maybe if I know more are going to be there, I might change me mind... again.