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  1. English lock firelocks for sale Selling off my English lock musket and pistol, since they are too early for my area of interest. Many locks have been found in North American archaeological sites (not to mention being traded to the Indians), and several specimens have been recovered in the sunken portion of Port Royal, Jamaica. The Indian made English lock fishtail musket has the vent drilled, was purchased from Loyalist IIRC. No projectile ever fired since I’ve owned it (display only, has some minor scratches). I have browned the barrel, trigger guard, buttstock, and ramrod tip. Asking $500.00 including S&H (US only). Exact style is here- The Indian made English lock pistol has not had the vent drilled. Asking $300 including S&H (US only). Depicted here also- Yours, &c. Mike PM me or contact me at mhmaggelet "at"
  2. I plan to make the Pedersoli a working screw off. There is one pirate sutler who sells screw offs, but they are too high priced in my humble opinion. Plan to visit a machine shop and have new screw off barrels made (my design), one of brass, the other of steel. Not going to touch the original barrel in any way, other than to redo the shape of the muzzle. A new butt cap of cast pewter, and to replace the sideplate. Either cast, or one from TOTW or TRS. A new trigger to match period examples. Work on the stock to add some finials, thumbpieces, etc. Yours, &c. Mike
  3. Just ordered a Pedersoli Queen Anne pistol, had one many years ago but since parted with it. This time I plan to rework the pistol and perhaps have a machine shop make a screw off barrel. Gentlemen of Fortune (GoF) has some great pic's on his website of QA pistols. According to an e-mail response from Loyalist Arms, the price of the QA kit may be going up (significantly). With that in mind I ordered the kit from Dixie Gun Works, the cheapest I could find on the net at $350 + $16.95 S&H. Will keep ye crew updated on my progress. Yours, &c. Mike
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean- Curse of the Black Pearl, released ten years ago today, and the world has never been the same! Yours, &c. Mike
  5. Civil War India Built gun fails

    Found this video on YouTube by CVA, showing what happens when a muzzleloader is loaded with modern smokeless powder, an obstruction in the barrel, and a short loaded projectile. Quite informative!
  6. Civil War India Built gun fails

    Looks like a barrel obstruction. Still, all firelocks should be proofed. Yours, &c. Mike
  7. replacing a lock

    I used a blowtorch and some kasenit to harden springs, frizzens, and some lock parts on several guns (Pedersoli, Investarm, India made guns). I have never received a flintlock from any manufacturer that didn't need some fine tuning (for some odd reason nearly every one had a bent top jaw screw). My early English lock musket cock detent (trigger sear) was a tad short and wouldn't hold the cock back under pressure. Disassembled the lock, used a file to remove material on the inside surface which butts up against the inside of the lock. I also polished up other lock parts as necessary (worked wonders in my M-14). After a few strokes with a bastard file and some dressing with a fine Arkansas stone, it stuck out a few more millimeters and held the cock in full cock. Not the safest design around, that's for sure (hence the dog catch). As for any replacements parts, try the place you bought it from, or The Rifle Shoppe.
  8. Passing of a Pirate Historian - Ken Kinkor

    Sad to hear. I e-mailed Ken a few times and he was always responsive to my questions. Yours, &c. Mike
  9. There are several vendors that offer pistols that are GAOP appropriate (or can be altered so). Check out Middlesex Village Trading Company (compare prices with Loyalist Arms and Repairs). Early Sea Service types to back to at least 1720, an example is pictured in "Boarders Away, Vol. II", p. 245. I believe I found a picture of an earlier specimen from 1712, will look through my files. I've altered my Prussian and doglock using a belt sander to remove a lot of wood, and making the butt more bulbous. Never thought about altering my Charleville pistol into a Queen Anne style, interesting... Period examples are on Gentleman of Fortune's page-
  10. Years ago I bought the Pedersoli Queen Anne kit from Dixie Gun Works, not impressed with it. Dixie's prices are also astronomical. You may wish to contact Loyalist Arms and Repairs in Canada, have always had great service from them. Yours, &c. Mike
  11. HMS Bounty crew abandons ship

    Hope the crew is alright- Coast Guard responds to vessel in distress 160 miles from hurricane's center PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard is responding to a distressed vessel with 17 people aboard approximately 90 miles southeast of Hatteras N.C., Monday. Coast Guard Sector North Carolina received a call from the owner of the 180-foot, three mast tall ship, HMS Bounty, saying she had lost communication with the vessel's crew late Sunday evening. The Coast Guard 5th District command center in Portsmouth subsequently received a signal from the emergency position indicating radio beacon registered to the Bounty, confirming the distress and position. An air crew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City launched aboard an HC-130 Hercules aircraft, which later arrived on scene and reestablished communications with the Bounty's crew. The vessel is reportedly taking on water and is without propulsion. The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor the Bounty's situation. On scene weather is reported to be 40 mph winds and 18-foot seas. The vessel is approximately 160 miles west of the eye of hurricane Sandy. source-
  12. Dampier's Coco-nut

    "Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?" Sorry, someone had to throw that in there...
  13. A warning to anyone intending to visit the non-existent "William Augustus Bowles Museum and Heritage Foundation" in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. First, the "museum" does not exist, and is a room in the local Chamber of Commerce. It is a collection of mardi-gras style outfits and memorabilia from past "Billy Bowlegs" pirate festivals; any further similarities to the actual historical figure of William Augustus Bowles, or actual pirates who operated in the Gulf of Mexico, stops there. The "museum" can be seen here- As you can see, there is no historical background at the "museum" regarding William Augustus Bowles, and Bowles, as shown by historical documentation, never stepped foot in what is now Fort Walton Beach. Bowles certainly existed, but he was known as "Estajoca" by the Creek Indians (Muskogee) and operated out of St. Marks, Florida, which is over 150 miles away (as the crow flies). "Billy Bowlegs" and any association with William Augustus Bowles, was a fabrication of the Fort Walton Beach Jaycees in 1953, who created the myth to attract tourists during boat and ski shows. The myth has grown thanks in part to poor journalism on the part of local reporters at the Northwest Florida Daily News, and a poorly researched book on local history by Anthony Mennillo. A recent radio broadcast on WFTW 1260 AM included an interview with two members of the "foundation". Their knowledge was certainly very limited, and the main focus was fundraising to pay for their salaries and intention to build a museum to house their collection of mardi gras costumes (not to mention a push for the public to donate cash, research, momento's, and a life estate or two). So, ye have been warned.
  14. Living History Presentations - Learning from Modern Events

    Port Royal Quake- ‘The sand in the street rose like the waves of the sea, lifting up all persons that stood upon it, and immediately dropping down into pits; and at the same instant a flood of water rushed in, throwing down all who were in its way; some were seen catching hold of beams and rafters of houses, others were found in the sand that appeared when the water was drained away, with their legs and arms out’. On the other hand, here's a fairly new video of a series of tsunami waves coming ashore in Japan. Watch it to the end, pretty terrifying stuff- Yours, Mike
  15. Blackbead's Treasure Chest at Billy Bowlegs!

    Sorry you didn't fare well. Hopefully the word will get around and other merchants won't have to experience the farce of "Billy Bowlegs". Don't know what next year will bring due to the BP oil spill, hopefully by that time I'll be out west! Yours, Mike