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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Ahoy All - It has been a grand sail. and sad to see the Pub sail off into the setting Sun. Thank ye sirs for your time and efforts. Jas. Hook
  2. Blackbeard Festival

    Try 757-727-6348 Hampton Parks & Rec. for reserved tickets. Almost time to weigh anchor and head south. Jas. Hook
  3. New belt I made

    Different style, looks to be able to keep ye breeches up.
  4. How to fly your colors?

    If for display and not for height try a ground spike (angle iron) and tube fabricated by local welder. Add a pair of small foot tabs to help set the spike in the soil. Ikea had some nice one piece curtain rod with end caps at 7- 8' or try a lumber yard for closet poles of suitable diameter and length for your flag I used the curtain rod painted black and gold leafed the finial, brass eye screws attach the 3x5 roger. Jas. Hook
  5. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

    Hummmm... Bo, this sounds like the start of a new adventure story. Jas. Hook
  6. W.A.G.-word association game

  7. You in yar garb.

    Ye be looking kinda' gentry-fied there Mr. W. errr... Squire. Jas. Hook
  8. Blackbeard Festival

    Reservations made... If ye be calling the Crowne Plaza call the hotel direct 'Cowne Plaza Hampton - Marina' 757-727-9700 Their central reservation system hasn't a clue regarding the event. Jas. Hook
  9. Blackbeard Festival

    2016 - Friday Night June 3 Ball and the Festival is Saturday and Sunday June 4 - 5. Order the 'Blackbeard's Ball' Tickets through Hampton Parks and Recreation 757-727-8314. Ticket sales start on 2/16. http://www.hampton.gov/index.aspx?nid=2008 Jas. Hook
  10. Sword Reviews?

    Pointy scabbard tips, em' buggers always seem to poke ye when least expected. Has anyone come up with a plan to de-poke the tip? I was considering a brass ball slotted to fit and soldered on. Any other thoughts? Jas. Hook
  11. Bosun's Brush

    Hummmm... Lady B has a point. Would be a neat item to brush potato chips and such off ones weskit. Jas. Hook
  12. Secret Gift Exchange 2015

    Coastie - Me brother-in-law is in Anchorage, Alaska. From what I've been told... He fights Polar Bears one-handed, eats Salmon, kicks Moose off his deck, pans gold, and frequents the Great Alaskan Bush Co. Jas. Hook