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    Re-enacting the 18th Century as a British soldier. Hey... someone has to keep you pyrates in check!
  1. Murdock & Jap Tower pistols for sale

    The Murdoch be gone.
  2. Murdock & Jap Tower pistols for sale

    Anyone interested can contact me at david_thered@yahoo.com
  3. murdoch2

    From the album Highlander

  4. murdoch1

    From the album Highlander

  5. Jap Tower Lock

    From the album Highlander

  6. Jap Tower left side

    From the album Highlander

  7. Murdock & Jap Tower pistols for sale

    Hope this works, posting a pic is such a chore on this site;
  8. Hard times befallin' me of late, trying to work up some scratch for the bills... must part with two flintlock pistols. One is the Loyalist/Middlesex Village Highland Murdock, all steel with the flaring barrel end. The other is a 60/70's Jap 'Tower' pistol, which actually looks more like a copy of a Ketland if you ask me. Neither have been live fired with ball, only reenactor loads. Both in good shape and fire well. Any way, both pistols are $200 each, shipping included. I can only take money orders and will ship the day I receive payment. You can buy one, or both, up to you. Here's hoping some of you may be interested, and these pistols find a good home. Highlander (David)
  9. Birthday Presents

  10. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    Sorry, this was the only one I had, and they are a bit rare. I have seen them on various on-line auctions (do a Google search for 'Japanese Tower Pistol' and you'll run across them).
  11. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    We have a winner, someone has contacted me (from this Forum) and is sending their MO today. I know they will enjoy this 'classic' pistol.
  12. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    New pics;
  13. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    A quick shot, I'll get more/better tonight.
  14. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    Sir, I shall endeavor to answer your queries; I've not had it long, just a few months. I've fired blanks, double load, held in a vise stand. I've not fired ball, although the fellow I bought it from said he used it quite a lot firing ball. I've read and heard the 'issues' with some of the 1960's Jap guns, but I believe I have one of the good ones. I will try and get some pics posted.
  15. Japanese Elliot Pistol

    Aye, QM James, thats be the man I'm going to!