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  2. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    Revived after nearly 8 years. Niiiice.
  3. It's from the Archives Nationales. See
  4. Alas...

    And which crew would that be? The admin/moderators of this here pub, or one of the specific pirate groups worldwide? And especially if it is the organizers of this masterpiece of pyratical knowledge (both contemporary and original), are there truly murmurings of reorganizing and continuing on with the traditions? It would be grand if it were the case.
  5. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    I just called Kenny from Kern County Pyrates. He was breaking up because he was driving thru the mountains. I told him this was the Dial-a-Pirate program and he said huh? We talked about the August Utah Pirate Invasion and some of the scheduled events that will hapen there. I think they want to go. its 14 hour drive for them, prolly the same here.
  6. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard, Master Vincentio.
  7. Welcome aboard!

    I am the fellow on the left! The other man in the picture and I are Alee Shriner Pirates. We raise money for the Shriners Children's Hospitals all while have fun sinning on the high seas!
  8. Tsunami Kate

    Today's special is...
  9. Tsunami Kate

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  11. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy, James! Glad to finally see ye here at the Pub. Now, which one is you and who i the other fella? And tell us more about what ye lot do. I know I found it MIGHTY fascinating and a thoroughly worthy cause.
  12. First Time Traveling to Key West

    This is a very good thing to look into. You won't regret it !!
  13. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy, My name is James Vincentio and I am man of fortune and the port of Savannah I call home. I am a member of the Alee Shrine Pirates. I take my pirating very serious and love creating my character more and more. I plan to attend many nation wide festivals this year! I look forward to meeting you all on here and hopefully have pint or two at the next event you attend!
  14. First Time Traveling to Key West

    You must go to 'Blue Heaven' for breakfast. Fantastic breakfast fare. You must also go to Cafe Sole for dinner. Ask for 'the perfect dinner'. It's not on the menu, but you won't regret it.
  15. Welcome aboard!

    And tell us where you're from and who you crew with.
  16. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy and welcome to any newcomers! Pull up a chair and shall see if I can find any barrel or bottle of rum that was left behind. Speak up if ye want a bottle! Pipe up and tell us a bit about yo'rselves and what brought ye to the Pub. Perhaps by chance new life will be breathed back into this establishment.
  17. 18th Century Puddings

    Here are some excellent notes on 18th century puddings...
  18. Woodes Rogers Correspondence

    Google books has the same link and I can't find an epublication anywhere else. Google books has 'A Cruising Voyage Around the World', but that's all I have... rogers&f=false
  19. I deeply miss those days of piracy and yearn to return to some events.

  20. The crew has disbanded for the time being due to numerous reason, but do check back in the future to see if we've re-organized. Thank you all for the memories. It's been truly fun.
  21. No Better Place To Be!

    Aye. Sad indeed. Social Media (fake taverns, says I) has sucked the life out of this place, among other issues, but this place is like a family. And like families, there will be issues. But, all in all, with families, we always have each other's backs. There will always be disagreements in how we all portray piracy, but, again, that's typical of the way families are. However, everyone involved are SUPER knowledgeable and we all stay connected and THAT proves how strong we all are all due to the Pub. Tis my belief. LMAO! I like yo'r train of thought! Indeed, this forum does feel historic, doesn't it? The fact is... people ARE still visiting this forum! Meaning, this site is NOT truly dead. Hopefully, new life will be breathed back into this place. As long as ye and I hover here, I'm certain this online tavern will be rise from the ashes and be active once again. Great to see ye around here, Coastie.
  22. What does your user name mean?

    Simple... Me name is Crow, just a simple sailor an fisherman with the vocale talents of me namesake, mind ye with the encouragement of a little nectar of sugarcane my tone an vocabulary improves considerably. By my reckoning says I....
  23. W.A.G.-word association game

  24. Thiings has changed some lass since I last checked in, just back in from the pacific and heading out again soon. Nice to see some familiar faces..... Me little ship the Dengue 2 will will be mooring in Washington state in April but from there I have no idea where she'll take me. Faire wynds an followin seas to you Lass .

  25. No Better Place To Be!

    Agreed. I'm quite happy that this pub is still around today, as I expected it to close down a year ago. I just keep checking back to see when that dreaded day will come, hoping it doesn't. I already miss the camaraderie that has been built around this pub over the past decade and a half. I wonder if that's any sort of record for a group such as this! Perhaps it should be placed on the internet's list of historic places and receive federal funding for continued existence? Well, one can hope...
  26. No Better Place To Be!

    Dread? Oh, heavens to betsy! Aye, things did indeed get mighty messy here. Though at least those messy moments were FAR more tolerable and intelligent compared to what's on Social Media.
  27. Woodes Rogers Correspondence

    Project Gutenberg has a lot of great, free resources.
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