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Welcome to the Revenge!

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Aye mates, the crew of the Revenge set sail in March, with our maiden voyage (four maidens aboard we had, too! :lol: ) at Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama. We took our ship's name and our Articles from a 1724 actual vessel captained by John Phillips.

Currently we have six crew members, and are an offshoot of the Baratarian cannon crew of 1815, for those of us who wanted to branch out into the Golden Age of Piracy.

Renato Beluche (Frank Spiehler) is our Capt. Cobbs; we also have his lady Nancy; my mate Jan; two fine wenches from Mobile, in the persons of Bosun Carmina, and the Sea Wolf; and me, I'm John Mayfield, the Gunner. We're still lining mates into positions but at least tentatively, the Sea Wolf will be our Quartermaster, and Bosun Carmina - a fine hand with a needle - our Sail Maker.

We are aiming for an authentic, and family-oriented routine: trying to educate the lubbers away from the Hollywood myths about piracy, while still having fun.

Anyone in the Gulf States who's interested, please to come aboard!

Capt. William

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