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Rolled kerchiefs

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So I've been experimenting with rolling kerchiefs. I've experimented with everything around my neck, except a noose (some would prefer that - you know who you are :blink:). This includes narrow strips of fabric, large square kerchiefs, and triangle kerchiefs.  What I've found is the size and weight of material makes a huge difference.  I tried to use a square kerchief, fold it in half and roll it from the longest side. What I found was unless it was silk or a very sheer fabric, it was too thick a roll and felt awkward. The narrow strip of fabric doesnt really look right and there is not much benefit to having one.

So what I ended up with is what you see below.  I found a single layer triangle works best. thin cotton or thin linen is what I used. I'm sure silke would be used also. I did roll stitch the sides that were raw.

Basically a rough 30 or 31 inches on the short sides and 44 inches on the long side. then roll from the long side to the point (easier said than done, extra hands are helpful). I tied mine with the standard Four-in-Hand knot (Four-in-Hand). If you had a longer kerchief a Half Windsor (half-windsor) or a windsor might take a little extra out of the length.



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