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First Time Traveling to Key West

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Hi All:

So I've decided to treat myself for my birthday and take my long wanted trip to Key West. After losing my mother last year I just decided to do whatever I want, and since my birthdays are now sad, I thought I would run away for it.
First thing's first, I'm flying on Delta, and yes, I'm on a 737 into EYW (one bucket list item crossed out). My travel dates are July 18-22.
So, I've booked the flight, and I'm still hotel shopping just in case a friend of mine decides to join me, but I'm leaning toward the Best Western Hibiscus Motel near Duval Street. I'm open to any ideas for a budget conscious traveler going to Key West (an expensive city) for the first time. I am hoping to see a waterspout while I'm there too (another bucket list item). So here are my dilemmas:
1) I land in EYW at 11:39 AM on July 18th. Any ideas on what to do until I can check into any hotel? Maybe a good plane spotting location?
2) Any objections to the Best Western Hibiscus (keep in mind, I just need a clean place to sleep with my own bathroom and close to the activity so I don't need to rely too heavily on quick transportation). 
3) What should I check out?
4) Any other advice is welcome!




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