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How to fly your colors?

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Having made my crew a larger flag for use at our events, I've come across a small dilemma.  You see, the smaller flag was easily hung from a nearby tree branch or tent pole, but this larger flag (about 4'X6') is another matter.  I've seen portable, telescoping flagpoles (for tailgates and the like), but the sturdy ones cost upwards of $300, which is more than I can spend.  My current plan is to try three 5' sections of thick PVC or metal conduit (painted to look like wood, of course) connected by two 4-way joints.  Rope will be run through the horizontal arms of the joints and staked down to the ground, creating a sort of rigging to stabilize the pole once it's in the ground.  I was wondering if anyone could find any immediate fault with this plan, and wanted to see what all you creative folk have come up with for flying your colors.

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