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Just returned home from a 7 day cruise in the eastern Caribbean. Hit Little Stirup Cay, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. While I was only able to spend a few hours on each of the Islands it was incredibly fun! Anyone else enjoy a cruise or two?

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I just got back from a cruise last week. It was a 10 day cruise to the Dutch Antilles which stopped at Turks on the way back(where we also went snorkeling over a coral reef which was awesome!). It was my very first cruise. I have done a fair share of sailing and I love it, but nothing beats the pampering and fun of cruising. The entertainment was fantastic and I had a blast! I am hooked. I did use the trip as an excuse to go on a historical scavenger hunt for the Forts of Curacao. I've studied the Dutch colonial islands (both East and West Indies) for years and have amassed quite a collection of historic maps. So instead of going shopping and diving, I went hunting for history. I had so much fun that I have already planned another cruise for September. It will be leaving from San Juan. I plan to fly into San Juan a few days early because I have a long list of historical places to take a look at. This cruise is going from there to St. Maarten, St. Kitts and the BVI on the way back. I can hardly wait.

Here's the article I wrote up on my visit to Curacao and its history. https://buccaneersreef.com/announcements/dutch-west-indies-now-mks-latest-adventure/


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