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This is both pirate and general related as I have been dealing with this long enough especially after a recent post on my pirate group's facebook page. This has also happened on non-piratical forums and sites, too.

It is truly BAD etiquette and terribly narcissistic of anyone to post something on a site or a facebook page or forum that's more advertising and has nothing to do with liking or praising or inquiries of a group or crew. This is on the increase again and I think it needs to be addressed yet again.

If you want to advertise on a crew's page or forum, PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST!

I think in the Social Media behavior many have lost their manners and just haven't a mind for rules and regulations any more.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be considerate of a crew's page or forum. They want to hear from people about their crew and events, not from other groups advertising about about something.

Please... BE COURTEOUS towards other Pirate Crews. PLEASE!

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Thank you for the reminder. And because of it I would like to extend my apologizes. Recently I posted in just about every pirate group on Facebook, that I belong to, advertising an event I work for. I didn't even think to ask the group admins first. And I'm one of the first people to complain about how so many people have forgotten manners.

My apologies again,


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