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I am a net maker by avocation and am always looking for new applications for the craft. I recently came across this article deascribing cooking arrangements on board a 18th century Royal Navy ship. Were such arrangements used on board pirate ships? You can see the nets hanging in the side of the hearthstove in photo # 2. .Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

On HM Bark Endeavour (c1770)

The fire for cooking was contained in the fire hearth and the smoke went up the chimney through a funnel to the weatherdeck. Cooking could be done in the oven but the pork and beef was boiled in large round pots which sat in large round holes on the top - next to the hanging net bags into which each mess-table put its 6 pieces of meat and each bag was labled with the table’s name. To prevent heat descending to the wooden deck, beneath the fire hearth was a layer of sand with bricks, slate or stone slabs.


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