Sloop "Providence" scratch-and-dent sale!

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PROVIDENCE fell over at the Newport shipyard in late January in a winter storm. Her mast broke and a jackstand pushed through the port side. We are making temporary repairs in order to move the boat to another shipyard.

We purchased all the Douglas fir trees in Aberdeen, Washington for the new mast and spars.

Looking to sell the boat as a project.

All the rigging and metal work was saved and is reuseable. The hull is solid fiberglass and easily repaired.

Asking price is $295,000.

I would gladly help advise a new owner with re-rigging the boat.

Thorpe Leeson, 401-241-6965

11229378_1572967846299668_34503230508154 PROVIDENCE_zpsq2qqbkbe.jpg

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