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Sweet craft located in Massachusetts:

Gaff Rigged topsail reenacting boat for sale
Gunboat “Insolent” (Hull 17-8”, LOA 23-9”)
•Excellent sailer in all conditions
•Lapstrake 5/8” fiberglass hull (withstands the close up wood or not rule)
•Hull requires almost no maintenance and is incredibly strong
•Gaff rigging as shown (mainsail, topsail, staysail pictured in most, also a jib all with bolt ropes)
•Floorboards, steel centerboard, Sitka standing rigging, flag holder, boathook
•Stays not necessary, they are there for looks
•Working lines, belaying pins, kingpost for gun, life preservers, manual pump
•4 oars and tholepins
•Boat cover
•Positive floatation compartment in front, floatation blocks in rear storage locker
•The boat can carry 8-9 crammed onboard for oared landings, sails well with 5, but 4 is perfect
•The boat handles swells and following seas nicely as the hull used to be a New Jersey lifeguard boat
•Boat: $3990 ….lots more put into this boat
•Trailer: $400 for the heavy duty LoadRitetrailer with folding tongue, exactly 21’ long with boat
•Contact John Taylor 610-745-1666 johnataylor1@yahoo.com Location: Rochester, MA
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