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I am Lady B, Master & Commander of the Pirates & Buccaneers of the Resurrection. For those of you not familiar with us, here's some information and links that can be mighty helpful to ye.

We are a group of historical fiction pirates, buccaneers, freebooters, brigands and smugglers based in the upper Midwestern US states utilizing historical realism between 1660 to 1770 mixed with pirate lore, sea myths, Hollywood legend and novel fiction.

Demonstrating duties aboard ship such as mending sails, navigation, and daily logs. Perhaps enjoying some carousing with fellows pirates or doing business while in Port and try to stay out of trouble but most likely will be caught in some tavern brawl or arrested for piracy. You may spot the Crew in an encampment roasting meat and attempting to sell goods from the most recent prize. Perhaps some in the crew will even convert you into becoming a pirate with our crew!

The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection is a group of people who do piracy portrayal for fun as a HOBBY. We do not make a profit doing this. Any donations of any sort is strictly for crew needs such as tents, interactive displays, food, clothing, and other encampment needs. No monetary donations is ever handed out to individuals.

We have a website and by all means swing by to check us out! You can find the link in my signature under the graphic of the crew. But here is the link just in case ye missed it:

There is also a Facebook page so I invite you to Like us there, too.

Our typical range of pirating is Illinois, Indiana, southern Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, & southern Michigan.

ALWAYS seeking willing and able men, women, & children who can join us at events to portray a pirate's life. We lean towards the historical, but not cutting out the fictional like Long John Silver or Captain Jack Sparrow. We offer a range of activities for participants and spectators alike. In need of PLENTY of bodies (preferably living folk) to do scenarios and to handle large numbers of spectators.

Demonstrating tools of the trade, how to furl & unfurl sails, divvy of shares, crew trials, & more!

We have our Colours already made & has been flying for a couple years now.

Always searching for events (as most of them has dried up unfortunately) as much as we are searching for able bodied men, women, & children.

Thank ye kindly for yo'r time looking us over. Hope to see ye at an event.

~Lady B

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