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William Brand

2015 - The 3rd Weymouth Pirate Festival - Weymouth, Dorset, United Kin

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Weymouth, Dorset, UK

Friday : Could all re-enactors please make their way to the Golden Lion Public House in St Mary's Street on the Friday evening where a free concert by the Internationally renowned Pirate Rock band, The Dolmen will be taking place for your enjoyment. Here you can meet up with other pirate brethren & wenches for what will be a superb evening of piratical music from one of Europe's top live bands. All members of the public will of course be very welcome to join us too.

Saturday 4th April : Please could ALL re-enactors be at the Weymouth Old Town Hall in High West Street (opposite The Boot Inn) by 10-30am sharp for weapons checks & a briefing on the day's events, where you will be given a wristband to enable you to take part in the combat if you wish to do so. At Midday, all pirates/redcoats will move off into the town to mingle with the citizens and generally squabble with other groups of cutthroats and soldiers in the streets.

We will then up at the Golden Lion by 1-15pm sharp. At 1-30pm, there will be a parade of pirates throughout the town which will be led by the amazing Dolmen who will be drumming us around the streets.

The march will eventually lead to the town's beach where it is rumoured that a chest, containing gold has just been landed and is there for the taking with a bit of 'persuasion' of the cold steel and black powder variety. This will start at around 2-15pm.
Meanwhile at 1-45pm, the town's children will be assembling at the Tall Ship Pelican in full pirate garb for a Kiddies Pirate Hat Competition which will be judged by our very own Captain Jax Parrow and prizes given to the winning children.

At around 2-30pm, Captain Jax Parrow, having selected a new crew from the children will also make his way to the beach with a mind to laying his thieving hands on the booty. … Surely a crew of small children led by a ne'er do well Pirate couldn't take the treasure chest from a band of battle-hardened cutthroats .. could they ???

After the battle is over all re-enactors can finally have a good drink of grog to mark the end of the days fighting and to get ready for the evening's entertainment.

Saturday evening, The Dolmen will once again be playing live this time at the Wyke Smuggler Public House in Wyke Regis where they will be performing A 'Pirates Keep', but with a difference !
The Dolmen will be presenting the ... ' Cap'n Howl's Pirate Hunger Games' !

The infamous Cutthroat Cap'n Howl will be asking re-enactors to get themselves into teams of 3 or 4 and take part in all manner of activities from arm wrestling, to drinking games and much more as the band belt out some cracking Pirate tunes.
We are negotiating with a local taxi firm for a special rate for all re-enactors to get out to this great pub and back again, it being about 3 miles from the town Quay. Though anyone who would rather drive themselves can do so. Either way, it will be a superb and riotous piratical evening that will live long in the memory. Once there we will have our own large venue with a full real ale and cider bar and once again, entry is free.

Sunday : Please meet at the Weymouth Old Town Hall by 11am for a briefing.

You will notice that outside the town hall, stands a gibbet where upon, Captain Jax Parrow will be tried, sentenced and hanged for his many crimes at Midday.
What could possibly go wrong ? !!!

This part is obviously child friendly, but we will be conducting a more adult and serious set of trial and hangings later in the day at about 3pm.

Between 12-30pm and 2-45pm, pirate crews and redcoats are free to roam old Weymouth causing mayhem as they go and clashing in the streets if they meet up.

The adult Pirate trials and executions will be at 3pm and parental guidance is recommended.

Throughout the weekend two or three pirate busker bands will be wandering the town regaling all with their music and one of these, The Captain's Beard, will be gigging in the wonderful Boot Inn on Sunday evening. This is a free gig and all are welcome.

Monday : Please meet at the Old Town Hall at 11am, after which we will make our way to Hope Square for Midday where .. after the three days of drunken debauchery, wenching and fighting, all old scores will be settled.

Pirates will duel down to the last man standing !

We hope you all enjoy the 3rd Weymouth Pirate Festival :

All proceeds made, will go towards the Weymouth Old Town Hall Refurbishment Fund.

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......and where is this wonderful event ?? City ? State? Country ???? Oooooops, I found it at the top of the page, in a gray font, and not very noticeable.....

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