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William Brand

The Call

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The Call

can you hear the cadence of cup-shot singers in yesteryear's echoes mingling

with the thunder and carriage of that bronze captain which dared the field

do songs which then were drowned in applause drift upon your daily dreams

as you rehearse unused idioms for tavern parlance and seaside interchanges

woolgather your fond memories and unpack your hearty voices

set shod feet upon the coral paths and sandy brickworks of pirate parapets

let fall the hammers of forge fires reborn and raise glasses of amber all

to sisters and brethren both paroled from imprisonment apart

to that revelry awaiting them in haunted halls and on sunburned decks

can you hear the call to worship and supplication in the brass ordnance ringing

or the camp criers in their revolutions calling ever for the fray and frolic

have you woken to the phantom capons of narrow streets and sheltering trees

to taste spectral meals not made and wet your lips for rum wonting

stargaze no more from avenues withdrawn and windowsills too far removed

stroll grass knit ground and green laid reefs of that boneyard isle

let music rise upon a wind teeming with salt and tales laced with fraudulence

that myth and mirth may intertwine and laughter ever fall

that all may feast and drink against the coming year's stilled hibernation

-William T. Pace, 11/29/14

A poem for Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion and all pyrate gatherings.

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Very nice. :)

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