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Put-In-Bay Pirate (Ohio) Festival June 20th - 22nd (re-enactor area)

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Hi all,

Most folks here already know about this one, but I thought I would post again this year in case there might be anyone new who wants to join us.

Almost all the brief info from last year's post still applies.

The quick run-down. The festival is a pirate festival... I organize the more historical corner of the festival. We are lax in standards to allow for beginners. re-enactor participants have available camping area. modern camp gear is acceptable. We or pretty much only obligated to demo.display in the main park from about 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday. There are optional but fun activities for the re-enactors who can be there and set up by Friday afternoon.

The island the festival occurs on is a resort town/island, things are family friendly during the day.... But things can get pretty wild at night (think island wide college party). The camp area is just far enough away from the bars and night clubs that sleep and rest are possible, even for those who prefer to go to bed earlier.

We have a closed Facebook group to discuss further details. Please contact me to get onto it. If you don;t do Facebook and are still interested, please still contact me, and I will ensure you are provided all the information you require and are kept in the loop.


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