BBCode to put text and pictures side by side?

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I would like to be able to put text and images next to each other, with text on the left side and images on the right side of the screen when I post my pirate movie reviews. It would look so much better to have the images next to the words instead of being trailed at the end of the review like I'm doing now. But I can't seem to make the BBCode do that. I Googled a few tricks for doing this, but I can't make them work. The post editor apparently doesn't understand [imgalign=right] or [floatright], for example, if those codes are even able to do what I'm trying to do.

Is it even possible to put text and pictures next to each other on this board, and if so, how?

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Hmmm. . . it's possible if I write the command code. Let me pin this for now and check into it.

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