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Hello all! Due to the rules of the web site, I can't post the actual article here, but I did publish an article entitled "Peter Cornelius Hoof and Me" in April/may of 2013 in the "Pirates and Privateers" newsletter published by Cindy Vallar.

I believe you can still view the article on the web site at: If it has been replaced by the new issue, you can also see it on my blog at:

I promsied that they could re-print it on theri web site in 60 days, so you'll be able to catch it there later this year.

For those who don't know, Peter sailed with Sam Bellamy on the Whydah Galley and was hanged in Boston of piracy in 1717.


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Interesting. I thought the details, particularly those backed with period resources, provided some nice insight into how someone came to be part of a pirate crew and what that experience might have been like. (I don't believe in spiritualism myself, but there are some folks around here who will enjoy those elements as well.)

Since I couldn't easily find your article on Cindy's site, I changed your blog link into a hotlink so it's easier to get to the article. (It's at the bottom of the page for those of you looking for it.)

For those interested in the Whydah's Real Pirates exhibit that inspired her, check it out via this link.

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