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Put-In-Bay (Ohio) Re-enactor camp 2013 June 28-July 1

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I'm a little late posting about this one this year... So I cheated and cut and pasted most of the below from last year (minus some edits for new or revised info)

I will be the main cat-herder for this one again this year for the re-enactment encampment, and will be meeting with the festival organizer later this week or middle of next week (pending his schedule) to go over things with him. Anyone have ideas/suggestions/concerns they think I should bring up with the event organizer? (Within reason). Suggestions or ideas welcome even from well wishers that are unable to attend, but the ideas from those coming will obviously get more attention.

Please contact me by the end of this week (June 1st or 2nd) if you are seriously considering this one.... I am trying to get a rough head count for budgeting and other planning.

Over the past few years they have covered our ferry fare to and from the island, camping area, and fed us (although the food arrangements have varied and may change again).

This is a pretty typical re-enactment display during daylight hours event... but can get wild and very party-ish at night. It can be a kid-friendly event, but is really more suited for those leaving the kids with a sitter or grandparent for the weekend.

We had about a dozen for year one, almost double that number of pirates for year two, we kept at about 20 for year three, and while we likely can't double the two previous years numbers, there is a request to increase our numbers again (maybe aim for 30ish +/-).

Let me know if you're interested.

One last thing, for the last three years running, a reenactor from our encampment has won a trip to the Cayman Islands... I'm hoping this trend continues (and that this year is me ;) )

EDIT - title edited to add date for clarity and ease of reference. and one last thing, While not a strict historical event (it is a party island after all), we have endeavored to keep the re-enactment encampment and display to a reasonable level (although we are flexible). There is plenty of room at this event for more pop culture and party pirates, but the encampment is geared for the more serious (or at least semi-serious) re-enactor.

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