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So as I have building a ship in bottle of the Satisfaction and looking into facts of the ship and Henry Morgan I found that Henry Morgans Pirate code was one of the few that were written down and survived through the years. I got to thinking chances are most crews pyrate or not had codes of some sort. So then I wondered does the Mercury Crew have a pyrates code and if not should we make one?

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William actually created them several years ago: Articles of the Whole Company of the Mercury

You may not have noticed them because the term "Pirate Code" is a POTC movie term. The actual term in use during period was 'articles.' There are basically four sets of extant articles from the period, which you can find in the thread The Pirate Code (Pirate Articles) That thread lists all the articles featured in Johnson's books from period: John Philips, Edward Low & Bartholomew Roberts. I stuck the articles from Esquemeling's book into the post so that all 4 sets are in one place.

Esquemeling's are the articles are usually attributed to Morgan, although I don't see where it directly states that these are actually Henry Morgan's articles; they're just sort of referred to as the articles of the buccaneers. (I may be wrong on that point and they may attribute them to Morgan somewhere or it may just be general knowledge that this part of the text refers only to Morgan, but it didn't appear that way from my quick reading.)

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