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Sgt Johnson

The Sack of St. Augustine: Capt. Robert Searle's Raid of 1668 Marc

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In 1668 Capt. Robert Searle and his privateers sailed from Jamaica to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers at St. Augustine. Under cover of night, they slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town...

We are always looking for new recruits to portray townspeople, garrison soldiers, Native Americans, and buccaneers! Our focus is on an accurate historical impression, using correct materials, styles, and equipment. You need not be a historian, actor, or military enthusiast to participate.

The 15th annual, historical re-enactment of The Sack of St. Augustine: Capt. Robert Searle's Raid of 1668 will take place Feb 28th - March 3rd 2013, in St. Augustine, Florida. Camp setup will begin on Thursday February 28th after 12pm at The Fountain of Youth Park. The battle in downtown St Augustine will be held on Saturday March the 2nd at 5pm, starting in the city Plaza and ending at the Spanish redoubt located across from the Castillo de San Marcos. There will be a parade of arms downtown Friday evening at 5pm to announce the battle on Saturday. Please note all participants will be dressed as Spanish for the Friday parade.


· This Event is a historical re-enactment. Historically accurate garb and gear are required to participate in this Event. Please contact Jeff Johnson or William Kunze to let us know that you are or any of your crewe will be joining us for the festivities

.No "skull and crossbone's" will be allowed. Not on Flags, clothing, or gear of any kind. There is no historical evidence of these standards flown in this time period.

· English buccaneers and Spanish soldados - musketeers are needed! Matchlock, snaphaunce ,doglock, and miquelet muskets will be accepted. Queen Anne pistols will be allowed. Research shows them being used as early as 1660.

· Native Americanre-enactors, doing Timucua, Apalachee, and Guale, are especially welcome!

· If you are a sutler and interested in selling period correct items at this Event, please contact me asap at There are no sutler fees!

· The Fountain of Youth Park has just completed a new addition to the park; a restroom and shower facility!

There will be a $10 registration fee for this event. This will cover meals, gunpowder, fire wood and hay for the event. Everyone is on there own on Thrusday for food. I will post a meal schedule in the coming weeks.

For further information, please e-mail us at or call 904-534-6168, or see our website at

Please come join us!

Jeff Johnson

-Leftenant, -Quartermaster / Information Officer, Searle's Buccaneers(c. 1668)

--Leftenant of Musket, Capt. John Tilden'sCompanie, Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foote (c. 1645) [members, Sealed Knot UK]

--Leftenant of Musket /Quartermaster Gordon's Musketeers, Strathbogie Regiment (c. 1639 and 1644)

-Leftenant / Quartermaster,Drake's Men (c. 1586)



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Greetings from the Officers and Crew of Searle’s Buccaneers!

THE SACK OF ST. AUGUSTINE is fast approaching and we hope you plan to join us this year!


Set up of the 17th century encampment at The Fountain of Youth begins Thursday 12:00pm February 28th. Camping will be permitted Thursday night through Saturday night, with breakdown and clean up beginning Sunday morning. There are bathroom and shower facilities onsite.


Everyone will be required to sign in at the registration tent in order to participate in the weekend’s festivities. There is a mandatory $10 registration fee. This will help offset the increasing cost of supplies (firewood, food, gunpowder, hay, etc.) needed to put on this event. This year The Fountain of Youth has asked that all participants sign a liability waiver form. Please be sure to stop by the registration tent once you get your camp setup.

Appropriate 17th century tents only please.

Event Schedule

Friday evening will feature a downtown procession of Spanish soldiers, followed by a weapons demonstration at the redoubt near the old city gates, with dinner and jollification to follow.

You will need to bring your own feast gear with you. None will be provided.

The encampment will be open to the public from 9am to 3pm Saturday March 1st at The Fountain of Youth. Pike and shot drill in the morning following the general camp meeting, combined arms drill in the early afternoon.

Muster in the front parking lot at 4:00pm to board the trolley for downtown. The trolley leaves promptly at 4:15pm for downtown. Jollification and dinner will be back at The Fountain of Youth encampment.

Vehicles in the campsite
Vehicles will be allowed in camp throughout the day on Thursday for setup. We ask that your vehicle be moved to the outer areas of the camping site by sunset Thursday. If at all possible please have your vehicle moved to the parking lot as soon as you unload your gear.

On Friday vehicles will be let into the camping area for offloading purposes only. Your vehicle will then need to be moved to the proper parking area. The camp will be closed to vehicles on Friday night after the parade (8:00pm). This will ensure that all participants will have an authentic feel for the 17th century atmosphere that the Searle's Buccaneers officers and crew are attempting to portray. There will be no vehicles allowed to park overnight in the camping area on Friday.

There will be no vehicles allowed on site form Friday 8:00pm until 6:00am Sunday morning. This means that if you arrive on Saturday, regardless of the time, your vehicle will not be allowed into the camp site. We can help you carry your equipment into camp via the walkway bridge located in the back parking lot of the Fountain of Youth (back by the condos). The gate to allow access to the site will be locked during the above mentioned times. Please see one of the event organizers if there is an emergency or call 904-534-6168.

Those with the proper handicap identification will be allowed access to the site at all times. Please contact one of the event organizers if you have any questions about the above stated policies.

Participation Guidelines

Your participation in this event is at the discretion of the officers of Searle’s Buccaneers.

Grievances will be adjudicated on a case by case basis (clothing, weapons, etc.), using the rules set forth by the Rules committee and officers of Searle’s Buccaneers. Any rule not specifically covered will be handled by ad hoc committee. Rules can be found on the website and at the registration tent.

Again thank you for your understanding in these matters. The men of Searle’s buccaneers wish that everyone has the most complete 17th century experience as possible.

Your Obedient Servants,

Captain William Kunze


Leftenant Jeff Johnson

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