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Dread Pyrate Greyhound

A Humbler Pirate Would be Honered to Have ye Aboard

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Having written this, (Please Read)I hope you find it in your hearts to give this young lad a second chance now that i've had an eye opener, and am far humbler for it. that being said, i am welcoming new recruits to The Devil's Brood Pyrates with open arms, and a good deal more humility. We have gone through several changes in the past year and are still evolving please bear with me. if you are still interested in jioning, and have any questions, please message me here, also, our policies are not set in stone as of yet, so i can only share with you ideas proposed by our group's officers. We are a guild of crews spread over 2 1/2 states, and we'd be glad to welcome you.

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