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Pirate Grenadoe Bottle from the Castaway Trading Co!

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Ahoy mates! Long time no see! I've sort of taken a break from pirating for a while, and have instead been focusing on earlier period impressions. However, the Castaway Trading Co. over on Etsy ( is still going strong! We were recently asked to vend at a local tropical/voodoo themed ball, and we also recently went through a move, so we've been a little lax on getting new stuff up - however we are now getting back on the proverbial horse (ship? Dinghy?) with a vengeance!

So without further ado, I give you the newest item from the Castaway Trading Co. (and in my most humble opinion, one of the best ever): The pirate grenadoe rum bottle!

This 8 oz glass bottle has been covered with a texturized coating and aged to give the appearance of being a real cast-iron grenadoe from the Golden Age of Piracy. The cork has been furnished with a hemp cord which has been burned slightly at the end to simulate a fuse. The neck has been wrapped with jute cord, and is finished with a small loop for easy belt-hanging. Hang one from a mug-strap on a ren-faire belt, or hang TONS of them from a baldric for that terrifying "Blackbeard" look!

Just imagine the look on your mates' faces when you grab a grenadoe, pull out the cork, and casually take a swig!

Anyway, I certainly hope you like them, as I feel they're right up the alley of many of the excellent buccaneers here on this forum! We'd love to hear feedback about these or any of our other products as well. And as always, stay tuned for more exciting updates as we once again labor to fill our shop back up with fantastic pirate merchandise!

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That's a fun idea. I like the texture that you've achieved on the bottles. I think the jute looks a bit hairy and unfinished and recommend hemp instead, but I'm glad to see more grenadoes out there.

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Thanks a million, William! I'm fantastically pleased with the final product!

Although as it turns out, I am indeed switching to hemp on my next batch of bottles. I agree that the hairiness of the jute was a little un-aesthetically-pleasing, and I discovered that when it got even a little wet, it tended to smell rather bad. So heavy-duty hemp it is! And hemp cord is very seamanly, so I figure it works.

Cheers mate!

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