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Pirate Surgeon's Journal for the Michigan Pirate Festival

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Here's a link to the 2012 Michigan Pirate Festival held in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Pirate Surgeon's Journal

From the Introduction...

"Grand Haven is a very strange place to hold a Pirate Festival given that Grand Haven is also known as 'Coast Guard City USA.' The Coast Guard recently updated their rules regarding piracy, but the event organizers apparently managed to stay under the radar (so to speak.) Also odd is the fact that the Forsaken crew is a group of pirate hunters and the Mercury crew is a group of pirates. We'll have to assume that theirs is some sort of dysfunctional codependent relationship. What are pirate hunters without pirates, after all? On the other hand, pirates can be pretty happy without pirate hunters. Hmm. We'll have to ponder that further. We'll get back to you when we figure it out."


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