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"Bloody Blackbeard" tunes

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Hey folks,

Found this cd out of Greensboro of a show Triad Stage did. Number of traditionals, nonspecific in nature, and some decent originals that while written in modern times are right fine listening...if you don't mind the "pretty folkiness" of the vocals, not the good ol' "pulling style" we're used to. My favs are "Remember My Name" "Can't Love a Bad Man Good" and "Poor Margaret's Incantation". Also has a slower version of Fisherman's Hornpipe and a lively version of Jackie Tarr.

See bottom of page for full-song samplings.

I might be of a mind to "borrow" some from the songstress and rearrange a bit if'n some fellow musicians were of a mind...we might be able to improve upon a couple for pubsing...

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