no luck in the sweet trade.......quick painting...

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here is a painting i did yesterday based on a pic of billie beach of the forsaken crew. thought you guys would like to see it.


i painted this in about 3 hours for a oil painting exercise. alla prima , meaning one sitting painting....or first attempt

"no luck in the sweet trade." oil on canvas. 12x18


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I really like the style of it. If he was actually hung, his head shouldn't be erect on his neck like that, though. (I know, he's doing that in the pictures.)

It's kind of fun to do quick pictures, isn't it? My only problem is that I start to do one and then I keep wanting to make it better, resulting in it not being quite as quick as I intended. Or I start out devoting a sketch book to quick pics only and then start getting more and more elaborate as I go along and pretty soon it's just another sketch book full of pictures.

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thanks, man. yeah, i do not like the position of the head either......when people are hung or lynched, the neck does weird stuff. sometime the head is looking up, down, straight ahead or slightly bent to the side. was it a strangle hanging or a drop hanging, where the neck breaks. where was the knot? all these are important to which way the head goes. once a guy's head came clean off during an hanging in the old west.

i am trying to teach myself to paint faster, instead of taking a month to do a painting.

here is a painting that took about a 40 hours.... jesus christ superstar.......oil on canvas. 24x36?


here is one i did for fun at the on board....24x36


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