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Brigand's Grove 2012 - Aug 10-11 (Southern Indiana)

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Not a specifically pirate event (although pirates are very welcome), this event is for all living history portayals that focus on the "Bad Boys" (and girls) of history. PIrates, highwaymen (and highwaywomen), rebels, gypsies (the historical kind, not the Renn-Faire fantasy image), and other historical portrayals from the "darker" side of history are perfect for this event.

The locations is at Historical Tunnel Mill Living History Center in Charlestown, Indiana. While not a strictly juried event, folks wanting to come should have their impressions based solidly on historical fact and not fiction. The timeline is loosely the 18th century (basically the long 18th century, or flintlock era, so late 17th or early 19th century portrayals are fine).

As a side note, I am NOT the organizer or coordinator for this event, just giving a hand with some of the promotional stuff and spreading the word. I will likely be able to answer most questions about the event, or get the answers in reasonably short order.

For those who have been around a while, this event is the replacement event for the old "Pirates of Paynetown" event (which was cancelled by the site owner). The new event was not made a strictly "pirate" as the loss of the lakeside site left the event without good lake for boats, and hence broadening of the concept to include all the scum of history.

Registration forms are found At this link for PDF, or At this link for Microsoft Word format. Some details found on this web page on the Tunnel Mill web site.

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