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William Brand

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Muster of the Watch Dog: (357 total shares) 89 crewmembers - 85 men and 4 women

(shares) Name - Position (character status)

(8 ) William Brand - Captain of the Watch Dog (PC)

(8 ) Jim Warren - Master (PC/NPC)

(6) Andrew Light - Boatswain (PC/NPC)

(5) ? - Boatswain's Mate (PC)

(6) Matthew Campion - Coxswain (NPC)

(5) Claude Marchande - Coxswain's Mate (NPC)

(6) Jonah Greene - Carpenter (PC)

(5) Teeke Ranst - Carpenter's Mate (NPC)

(6) Petee Youngblood - Master Gunner (PC/NPC)

(5) Simon Dunwalt - Gunner's Mate (NPC)

(6) Eric Franklin - Master-at-Arms (Starboard Marines) (NPC)

(5) Luc Otkupschikov - Sergeant-at-arms (NPC)

(6) Maeve O'Treasaigh - Ship's Surgeon

(5) Briar - Surgeon's Mate

(5) Tudor Smith - Captain's Steward (PC)

(4) Lazarus Gage - Ship's Cook (PC/NPC)

(4) Moira O'Flaherty - Mess Mate ()

Larboard Watch: 43 men, 2 women

(6) Mathew Campion - Coxswain/Navigator (NPC)

(5) Claude Marchande - Coxswain's Mate (NPC)

(5) Teeke Ranst - Carpenter's Mate (NPC)

(6) Eric Franklin - Master-at-Arms (Starboard Marines) (NPC)

(5) Simon Dunwalt - Gunner's Mate (NPC)

(5) Tudor Smith - Captain's Steward (PC)

(4) Treasure "Siren" Tribbiani - Larboard Marine (Fore Top Lookout) (PC)

(4) Alan Woodington - Larboard Marine (NPC)

(4) Manus Hingerty - Larboard Marine (NPC)

(4) Pascal - Able Seaman/Interpreter (NPC)

(4) Jacobus "Cobus" Casteel - Able Seaman/Interpreter (NPC)

(4) Luigi - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Marinus Lodewyk Olyslaeger - Able Seaman/Previously a Second Mate (NPC)

(4) Hans Gysbert Leerman - Able Seaman/Previously a Bosun's Mate (NPC)

(4) Jannes Kampaert - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Drewes Viervant - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Willem Matthys Tuygertgen - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Jochem Roggenbroet - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Lazarus Gage - Ship's Cook (PC/NPC)

(4) Robert Hollis - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Gabriel Edward - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Oliver Randall - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Samuel Standiford - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Brenton Lund - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Moses MacTigue - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Blaise Wallace - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Gavin Montgomery - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) James Booker - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) John Mortimer - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Christopher Newstubb - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Henry Church - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Alexander Sparshott - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Harry Saltash - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Maxamillain DeRuyter - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Tobias Vandevender - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Isaac Lazenby - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Henry Jones - Able Seaman (NPC) -Lookout?

(4) Simon Larke - Able Seaman (NPC)

(2) Jean Dorleac - Powder Monkey (NPC)

(2) Pierre St-Germain - Powder Monkey (NPC)

(2) James Standiford - Powder Monkey (NPC)

(2) Abel Fenner - Powder Monkey (NPC)

Starboard Watch: 41 men, 2 women

(6) Jim Warren - Master (PC/NPC)

(6) Petee Youngblood - Master Gunner (PC/NPC)

(6) Jonah Greene - Carpenter (PC)

(5) Luc Otkupschikov - Sergeant-at-arms (NPC)

(4) Jean Doublet - Starboard Marine (NPC)

(4) Robert Thatcher - Starboard Marine (NPC)

(4) Louis Morrell - Starboard Marine (NPC)

(4) John McGinty - Starboard Marine (Main Top lookout) (NPC)

(4) Paul Mooney - (Starboard Marine) (NPC)

(4) Murin McDonough - Ship's Tailor, Able Seaman (PC)

(4) Patrick Hand - Able Seaman (PC/NPC)

(4) Owen Monahan - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Ajayi Abiodun - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Nathan Bly - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Reind Halster - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Loures Loerwairt - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Andries Smit - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Ate Triest - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Richard Tollervy - Able Seaman/accipitrary (NPC)

(4) Thomas Crips - Fiddler/Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Ulrich fon Sandt-Thorvald - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Robert Elmer - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Andrew Light - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Martin Gadd - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Keven Norman - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Thomas Wheateham - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Edmund Wigg - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Simon Buttery - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Matthew "Hawkeyes" Hutchins - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Joshua Wellings - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) John Stares - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Richard Legatt - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) John O'Conner - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Cornelius Blikenderfer - Able Seaman (NPC)

(4) Paul de Lannel - Able Seaman (NPC)

(2) Moira O'Flaherty - Mess Mate (PC)

(2) Lukas Stoir - Powder Monkey (NPC)

(2) Jacques - Powder Monkey (NPC)

(2) William Dash - Powder Monkey (NPC)

Former Members of the Whole Company:

Captain William was the first Captain posted to the Watch Dog while it was being refitted and renamed. He was killed ashore at La Desirade while repelling two night robbers. This occurred prior to the Watch Dog's repairs in the fortress cove built elsewhere on the island.

Pyrate Phil was the first and only crew member ever to hold the title of First Mate. A position that was later dissolved and absorbed into the responsibilities of the Quartermaster. Phil disappeared and is presumed to be dead from the various rumors that followed his prolonged absence at La Desirade.

'Mad Woman' Cheryl served as a laborer in the refitting of the Watch Dog at La Desirade and sought another berth afterward. She also served in the construction of the fortress at the cove on that Island.

John "Shipwreck" Sons served as a Gunner's Mate and Able Seaman aboard the Watch Dog, signing aboard at La Desirade. He was lost at sea in a storm during contact with the Danzig Trader. It is presumed that he is dead. He may have been a victim of foul play.

Dedrick Van Buren signed aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade and served as an Able Seaman. Dedrick was later discovered drowned and wearing a dress following a storm after the Danzig Trader was rescued. It was then learned that Van Buren was actually a woman who had been masquerading as a man aboard ship. She was responsible for the deaths of two of the Danzig Trader's officers and perhaps the murderer of John "Shipwreck" Sons.

Christine joined the crew of the Watch Dog at La Desirade and served as the Ship's Cook for a short time. She departed the Watch Dog with the merchant ship Danzig Trader which was bound for Dutch plantations.

Monsignor Diego Santana de la Vega hired the original crew of the Watch dog and the Whole Company. He purchased the Nubian Trader at La Desirade and renamed her the Watch Dog. He served as the Whole Company's Clergyman for two months. He was shot while escaping imprisonment at La Margarita. He was buried at sea off the coast of that island and the starboard 12 pounder was renamed in his honor, going from "Grace" to "His Grace".

"Mad" Jack St. Anthony fought the French and Spanish at Gibraltar, Sardinia. He was captured aboard the Atlantica and later came aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade and served as the Ship's Master-at-Arms after William Brand was raised to the position of Captain. He served aboard for two months. He was accidently shot through the neck by Petee Youngblood (Master Gunner) during a night's target shooting on the same date as Monsignor Diego Santana de la Vega. He was buried at sea along with the Monsignor off of La Margarita.

Augustus Muller signed aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade where he served as an Able Seaman. It was later discovered that Muller was in league with Dedrick Van Buren and that the two of them had been lovers and co-conspirators. He was responsible for the kidnapping of Captain Brand while at La Margarita. He was captured by Capitaine Fournier and his men and later executed by Captain Brand for assault, Theft, murder, kidnapping, mutiny, and considerable dislike.

Tommy Halsey, also known as Gaultier, came aboard the Watch Dog at La Margarita under the guise of an English marine marooned along with Jonas McCormick, Bill Flint and Nathan Bly, as well as Jeffery Standish, who perished at La Margarta, and Henry Walcott, who was imprisoned at Porlamar . Gaultier fled to the French there at port for the purpose of betraying his compatriots and the crew of the 'Dog. He was killed by Raphael-Etienne Chanault.

Pete Straw signed aboard the Watch Dog and served as a navigator and cartographer for two months. He departed the Watch Dog to chart La Margarita and the surrounding islands in an effort to increase his understanding of the area and add to his many charts.

Swan signed aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade and served as an Able Seaman, but disappeared during the resupply of the Watch Dog at La Margarita leaving most of her possessions behind. It was learned later the same day that she had departed in the company of a Spanish sailor in search of whatever adventures might lie in her path.

Tito & Wilcox Firethorn both signed aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade, serving her as Able Seaman. Tito and Firethorn left to sign on with another ship at La Margarita bound for San Juan and the colonies in search of new adventures there and the possible fortunes to be made.

Kendra & Simon Powell came aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade and served aboard the frigate as Ship's Tailor and Able Seaman respectively. After a prolonged service as a sailmaker and tailor aboard ship, Kendra and her servant Simon retired from service aboard the Watch Dog to seek employment ashore at La Margarita. They hoped to find great favor in tailoring for the growing colony.

Armand-Gabriel D'esnumbuc came aboard the frigate Watch Dog with Tempest Fitzgerald at La Desirade. He served as her companion and assistant for almost three months aboard ship. He took his leave from the Watch Dog at La Margarita in order to shoulder the many responsibilities of his birthright as Comte De Leyes (Earl of Leyes) at La Desirade. There to take up residence at the Chateau de la Soliel Dore' (House of the Golden Sun).

"Sealegs" Constance came aboard the Watch Dog a La Desirade and served aboard the frigate until her departure at Martinique. She left the ship in the company of Callie Moore and Meg Wardell to open a bakery at Martinique and live the quiet life of a tradesman.

Meg Wardell of Cronton was born in the Parish of Knowsley in the County of Merceyside. Here she learned a trade as a Fletcher from her Father, and as Meg was the couple's only surviving child, the old fletcher taught his daughter all he knew of producing bows and arrows. She enjoyed this apprenticeship very much, but owing to the poor economy of the area, she was packed off into an indenture to the sugar plantations on Montserrat at the age of 25. Here she was bound to serve a term of seven years under her benefactor David Ainsworth, who provided her with transport and employment. She was to receive thirty acres upon the completion of her contract, but the Warrington Hart, the ship on which she was bound, sank in a storm on June 17, 1704. She was one of only three survivors who were rescued from the sea by the crew of the Watch Dog as it was escorting the Danzig Trader to Montserrat. She chose to sign aboard the 'Dog rather than be subject to a life as an indentured servant.

Callie Moore was brought aboard the Watch Dog by Tudor Smith at La Margarita. Callie served as a mess mate aboard the Watch dog, and later the Lucy, before departing the Whole Company in conjunction with Constance and Meg Wardell at Martinique.

Tempest Fitzgerald came aboard the Watch Dog as a first recruit and served the ship as a surgeon and an ambassador to the French. She helped strengthen relations with French allies and helped secure two separate Letters of Marque from the French and Spanish. She parted the ship in the company of her assistant and companion, Raphael-Etienne Chanault, while at Martinique.

Captain "Bootneck" Morgan joined the crew of the Watch Dog at Martinique and served as a Boatswain's Mate during the three months he traveled aboard the frigate. While at Martinique, he was offered the post of Captain aboard the merchant ship L'or Blanc owned by the sugar baron Monsieur Cantin Bellemare and he promptly took it.

Rummy served as Ship's Carpenter from La Desirade to Martinique during the first three months of the Watch Dog's travels. She faithfully repaired and improved the frigate and small boats and served in the refitting of the Watch Dog herself and the captured prize ship, Maastricht. She parted from the Whole Company at Martinique to pursue a business venture with Jonathan Hawks.

Jonathan Hawks came aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade and assisted in the refitting of the frigate and the construction of the Cove Fort. He departed the Watch Dog in the company of Rummy, Ship's Carpenter with the intention of opening a blacksmith and carpentry business in the flourishing communities at Martinique.

Klaas Scymmelpenninck, a Dutchman and able seaman, came aboard the Watch Dog and served there until his death at 19. Formally of the fluyt, Maastricht, he was first a prisoner and then able seaman of the Whole Company, but he was murdered and tossed headlong down a well at Martinique when he, Ajayi and Joshua Wellings were accosted in the street.

John Clovely, an Englishman and a former crew member of the merchant ship, Caleb Hudson, was shot down by musket fire at the age of 22 during an engagement with the Snow 'King's Pride' while serving as an able seaman aboard the frigate, Watch Dog.

Godfrey Bicknell was an Englishman and able seaman who served aboard the Providence Prize, but was taken captive and imprisoned at Fort Royal on Martinique. He was killed during action with the Snow 'King's Pride'.

Francis Thomas Roundtree was an English colonist of New Kent. He spoke French and served as an able seaman aboard the Providence Prize, but was taken captive and imprisoned at Fort Royal on Martinique. He was killed during action with the Snow 'King's Pride'.

James Abraham Sandefur was an Englishman and able seaman who served aboard the Providence Prize, but was taken captive and imprisoned at Fort Royal on Martinique. He was killed during action with the Snow 'King's Pride'.

Samuel Milling was born and Englishman at Hayle, England, a small sea-port, (S. E. by E.) from St. Ives. The port is situated on the Bristol Channel; and the village stands on the road from Truro. He was 6 feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Samuel worked on the docks from a young age learning the trade and watching the goods flow in and out. He wanted to own his ship after seeing the great wealth arriving in port. When he turned sixteen, he found himself aboard the Caleb Hudson sailing often to the Mediterranean as an able seaman. He died during action with the Snow 'King's Pride'. He was 35.

Roger Reeves was born Swanwich at England a markettown (E. S. E.) from Corfe-Castle, (S. W. by W.) from London. Roger’s father often told ghost stores about the Dutch fleet that sank off Peveril Point by a violent storm in 877. Roger would often go out at night to look for those spirits of the dead sailors at the south-eastern entrance of the bay on which the town stands. Roger continued this strange addiction to his dying day; always offering to stand watch ‘til the late hours of the morning. He served aboard the Lucy as an able seamen until he was killed in action with the Snow 'King's Pride'. He was 5'7" with dark brown hair and green ayes and died at the young age of 24.

Peter Hurgronje was Dutch born, 5'9", blond and blue eyed. Authoritarian in nature, Peter Hurgronje’s father rarely let him come to the shipyards of Hellevoetsluis on his watch. Peter would often sneak into the yard and pretend he was Michiel de Ruyter during the Battle of Chatham, attacking the largest English naval ships. With his size, he was often caught. More than one beating sent Peter to sea at a young age. He swore to sail back into Hellevoetsluis with a ship under his own command. He was killed in action with the Snow 'King's Pride' while serving as an able seaman aboard the Lucy. He was just 18.

Brenton Coles was one of only two survivors of the merchant Anne Marie that was destroyed by the French in 1704. Brenton was a somewhat unremarkable man, having excelled at nothing beyond the day to day drudgery of one occupation after another with little or no great success. He has been a sucksmith, upholder and a poor glazier. He was hired aboard the Watch Dog only as a favor to Richard Tollervy when the two of them were given their freedom from Fort Royal Prison. He was English born, 5'6" in height, and had brown hair and eyes. He was killed while serving aboard the Lucy in action with the Snow 'King's Pride'. He served aboard ship as an able seaman and died at the age of 26.

David Leigh was born of English/Scottish mix at Tyndrum, Scotland, a village, (N. E.) from Inverary. This is a small Highland village, upon the great western road. It contains one of six excellent inns in the parish. David’s father honed the craft of brewing small and large beer for those travelers upon the road. He also offered the fine scotch whiskey that was made famous there. David learned to drink at an early age. He often was found drunk in the cellar, even as a young boy. His parents felt the best was to send him away from the opportunity. David found himself aboard the Carolina, hiding bottles and flasks, many times too drunk to man his post. He was taken prisoner when the Carolina was lost to the French and imprisoned at Martinique. He was a man some 5’11” in height with dark red hair and brown eyes. He was never found drunk aboard the Lucy during his short service as an able Seaman and was killed during action with the Snow, King's Pride. He was 20 years old.

Nicholas Trodd was English born in New-Quay, England, a hamlet, situated on the shore of the Bristol Channel, which has a small harbour there. Nicholas comes from a long line of fisherman on the English coast. In New-Quay, there are seven large cellars or warehouses for curing the fish that are shipped to different ports in the Mediterranean. Nicholas led a very normal life with an upbringing of no great trauma. He joined the Royal navy to learn seamanship and navigation with the hopes of creating his own merchant shipping company from New-Quay. He was hired aboard the Bullrush as an able seaman, before being taken prisoner at Martinique by the French. He was 5'8" and of brown hair and green eyes and died at the age of 24 aboard the Lucy during action with the English Snow, King's Pride.

Christophe Lefevre, a Frenchman of Martinique, signed aboard the Watch Dog as an able seaman, despite Captain Brand's reservations about bringing on a man who could only speak French. He proved to be a good sailor, but only for the shortest of times, for he was killed when he fell between the Watch Dog and the King's Pride and was crushed to death.

Ciaran, was an English Colonist who signed aboard the Watch Dog at La Desirade where he was quickly appointed to the position of a main top lookout and larboard marine. He was nicknamed "Eagle Eyes" owing to his ability to see very far. Little else is known about his past and he kept much of his history to himself. He was thrown into the sea when the Spanish merchantman, Navarra, struck the Watch Dog amidships. He was not recovered from the sea.

David Henry, an English colonist of Williamsburg, Virginia, was a former able seaman of the merchant ship, Carolina. David Henry came aboard the 'Dog at Martinique, having been a prisoner there some many months where he picked up some marginal French. He was assigned to duties aboard the Watch Dog as an able seamen. His temple was grazed by a musket ball during the engagement with the English Snow, King's Pride. He was carried overboard by falling rigging along with Paul de Lannel and Jacob Badger when the Watch Dog was struck amidships by the Spanish merchantmen, Navarra. He was lost and not recovered.

Jack Roberts was rescued from Fort Royal Prison at Martinique and asked to serve as Boatswain's Mate aboard the Watch Dog. He was assumed lost during the 'Navarra Incident' when the Spanish Merchantman 'Navarra' struck the Watch Dog amidships and carried off the longboat 'Patricia'.

Jacob Badger was an English born sailor who came aboard the Watch Dog while she was still known as the Nubian Trader. As one of the first recruits and an officer of the frigate, he saw numerous engagements and storms aboard ship before being lost when he was dragged overboard by falling rigging during the 'Navarra Incident'.

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