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Seafarers Market Place Festival & Pirate Faire

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Come and see a whole new version of the Seafarers Market Place Festival & Pirate Faire located in Sacramento, California on September 22/23, 2012. for more info contact: Louisiana Sue Ramon , This event will boost the most gun fire at any one event, It is held at 10000 Garden hwy in Sacramento ,California.(on the Sacramento River) Plenty of childrens activities, food , drink and great historical encampments and period vendors along with many historical re enactors and live music.Rogues of the Golden Coast, Tales of the 7 Seas ,Kern County Pirates & Lost Souls of the Iron Brigade will host some spectacular Fire Power with period heavy cannons, swivel guns and small arms such as muskets, rifles and pistols They will load & fire many of their weapons (blanks). Please show support to these groups who volunteer there time for a hobby we all love.

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