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I looked through the topics,(I thought we already had one) looking for a place to post interesting Steamy stuff that we've found. You know, stuff that doesn’t need a whole new topic for it, but you want to post it somewhere.....So now we have one....


Well Steampunk Magazine issue #8 is out, and there is an interesting article about Airship Pyrates in it...

(There are a few minor errors in the article that we would have fun with in TWILL, but he does get a lot of it right, so all in all, it is a pretty good article.)

Steampunk Magazine can be purchased as hard copy,(see their page) or you can download the issues for free from thier web page.

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OK... this isn't exactly Steampunk, it's a little later (1920ish – 1940ish)...Dieselpunk

I haven't checked out the rest of the site yet, but I've always liked Big Band and Jazz, so I've been listening to this...

on the top bar, goto Music and then on the drop down menu goto Listen Online,

Now I wanna to make a zoot suit...... :P

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