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Capt Thighbiter

The Brigands, "Ship Happens" is RELEASED !

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Two years in the making, we will have 21 tracks on this CD, more then we've ever put on one CD. "Ship Happens" will be available on our website after the Pirates Other Salty Ball on Feb 25, 2012.

Ship Happens

1. SHip Happens

2. March on Concord

3. Marcus Hook Reel

4. Purser's Curse

5. Joys of Quebec

6. Mutiny

7. Undead Sailors Hornpipe

8. Bourbon Street Reel

9. Shore Leave

10. Forked Deer

11. Banned from Georgia

12. St. John;s Pass Waltz

13. Shut the Hatch

14. Cannibal Chrispy

15. Swallow Tail Jig

16. Guns of Hampton

17. Cold Frosty Morning

18. Doldrums

19. The Gale

20. Bully Boys

21. Night Music on the Streets of Madrid ( Tre'prise)

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