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Everyone knows that we PYRATES are good at TAKING.....but show em how well we can all GIVE BACK!!!

Me WENCH has a Team for the ST JUDES CHILDREN RESEARCH HOSPITAL for an upcomming GIVE THANKS WALK this SAT Nov 19th!!!


She was Diagnosed at age 14 with Acute Lymphomic Leukemia (A.L.L). Which had a survival rate of 0% The local doctors told her family to take her home and try and make her comfortable. They only gave her a week to live.

A family member heard a comercial on TV about ST JUDES CHILDRENS RESEARCH HOSPITAL down in MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. with their Motto: "THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE".

They called the Hospital that noght and flew her down to Memphis the next morning. Not only did she survive the the week. After 4 years of flying down to the Hospital every 2 weeks for 4 years, just before her 18th birthday.....she was declared CANCER FREE!!

It has been a little over 20 years later now.......That little girl who had only a week to live....She grew up....Married a PYRATE!!...and had 2 beutifull Kidds....who are growing up to be Pyrates too!!!! All because of a Childrens Hospital who never gives up. There i always Hope.

She is still active in participating with Long Term Studies on the effects of chemo and radiation.

Thanks to her and the Staff at St Judes......Acute Lymphomic Leukemia now has an 80% survival rate.

Not only was she cured of Cancer...but her Family was never charged a dime for the 4 years of treetment!!!!! They believe that the burden should never be on the FAMILY OF SICK KIDS!!!!


HELP show how big of HEARTS the Pyrate Communites HAVE!!!

you can DONATE to her team "You Can Beat This 2". And help her Give Back Thanks!!! For giving that little 14 year old a second chance at a life she always dreamt of.


Thank you all for Any and All Support!!!

Clint "the M.A.d'Dogge" Beach

one of the Forsaken

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