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Pirate Fashions Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend

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St. Augustine, FLORIDA

VENUE: St Augustine Historic District

Avast all ye pyrate loving souls. Come to the oldest city in the USA to celebrate the best “Talk Like a Pirate Day” weekend. Spend an entire weekend dressed in pirate garb walking down historic cobblestone roads next to Spanish Fortresses built to keep the pirate’s out. Learn to talk, fight n’ drink like a pirate, arrrrrgh!

Friday 11:30-1:30pm: Tour of Colonial Spanish Quarter to see blacksmiths, carpenters n’ other people who pirates stole from, with a lunch at the Spanish Bakery.

Friday 2-4pm: Tour of Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the US, built in 1672 after the English Pirate’s burnt the town to the ground twice.

Friday 7-9pm: Brethern Pub Crawl: get to meet all yar fellow pyrate at 4 pubs: Scarlet O’Hara, Mill Top, Taberna del Gallo, Ann O’Mally’s with a special public duel with sword, flintlock and knife on the streets of St Augustine. Ticket: $25 i

Saturday 10-11:45 am: Fact vs Fiction of Pirate Boarding Actions by Benerson Little, author of “The Great Pirate Legends Debunked”, “How History’s greatest Pirates Pillages, Plundered and got away with it”, “Pirate Hunting”, “The Buccaneer’s Realm”, “The Sea Rover’s Practice”

Saturday 2-3:30pm: Guided Tour of Pat Croce’s St Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum featuring Thomas Tew’s treasure chest, one of the only real Jolly Roger Flags and rare shipwreck treasures.

Saturday 5-10pm: Hot Pirate Babe Calendar Release n’ Talk Like a Pirate Day Party at the Ocean Pier Pavilion in St Augustine Beach, Singles $45 or $80 Couple, includes: Full Pyrate Dinner; all you can drink ale, grog, n’ tea; Talk Like a Pirate Class; Period Dance; Entertainment by Capt Dan, Michael Jordan, Belly Dancers; and get a signed copy of the 2012 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar by all the models attending. Special Guest: Robert Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy from Time Square to trade his cowboy garb fer a pirate tricorn hat n' bucket boots to sing a few sea shanties. Ticket: $70 or $45 fer the party only

Sunday 12-4pm: Boarding Actions class by John Lennox, Fight Director for Art of Combat n’ the Historical Maritime Combat Association. This hands-on seminar will feature battle techniques of pirates from the 17th to 19th centuries using the cutlass, boarding axe and long knife. Includes admission to the Fountain of Youth. Ticket: $50

$120 Entire Weekend Ticket ($160 value) to include a 8x10 Pyrate Foto, must purchase tickets before the events at website:http://www.PirateFas....Com/party.html. Instead of tryin' to waterdown the event by makin' it as cheap as possible like a landlubber would, we believe with all arrrr heart that life be too short to put on bad party, so we strive to be puttin' on the most unique n' fun events possible, even if it cost a wee bit little extra.

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