A Gentleman Pirate

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The Gentleman Pirate

By: Christina Carr

I began my days, in the courts

Structure and control, my only resort

I wore the clothing they told me to wear

I held a status none could compare

Then you, dear uncle, destroyed my life

Took away my strength, status and rights

My parents gone I had only you

And I truly thought you'd see me through

I gave you love, as much as I could

In trade you'd support me, like you should

But no, it was never meant to be

That loved noble inside of me

You tried to kill me and beat me down

You made sure I would not be around

And just as you thought you had won

Your back was turned, your deeds undone

Your problem is, oh blood of mine

You thought you'd won but given much time

You let me breathe by dismissing me

I hated it but you set me free

Your confidence, your smug power

Your thoughts of success, feeding the hours

You thought I could never survive

Bugs you placed in the fellows inside

Years separated from courts and love

From images of lions and turtle doves

The structure removed in pain and hurt

There were days I thought nothing worse

Then they came, pirates so bold

Limping away from silver and gold

They had lost their fight yet once again

To my prison island, without a win

They took me in, oh blood of mine

I shared my knowledge and in time

They found in me a captain not shown

They found in me a way to grow

I know your ships, your paths and law

I know from inside, your structure, your claws

I know where you will strike and all your friends

Will eventually turn on you, in the end

But now I sit, looking over the bow

The time you have spent was not spent well

You have wasted away on bitter thoughts

In the courts, thinking 'win,' ignoring loss

I miss my language, I miss my food

I miss my structure, my well breed fools

I miss my support, my clothes and class

But being Captain some of that will last

I will keep my voice, though they don't understand

I will fight for support, from each and every man.

I will work in a democracy, supportive, it's true

I will fight against the real tyrants like you

I will use my power to fight against man

Yet stand beside those who can

Live a real life, but I must confess

I do miss the clothing, the courts, the rest

I can never return, to that 'blessed' life

A time where I was convinced all was right.

I can never go back, I now know the fight.

I can never return or loose sight

It is so different, frustrating and tough

But, dear society, I have had enough

My tune has changed, a gentleman I will be

And through this crew I have found the real me

A lady I once was, blue blood and pure

Now I question if I was ever sure

A Countess of the courts, I thought I'd always be

Now a gentleman pirate stands in front of thee

God's servant and righteous soul

Countess Dame Admiral Captain

Charity Ann Rackham

May our paths cross in ideal light

And faith never lead us astray

May our ships pass peacefully in the night.

I say nothing of the day.


Now.. Where this came from? As an actor, writer, etc. I will always revisit characters I am still using in order to keep them fresh and growing. As Charity is not a character taken or based on any other existing characters/creations (Although some have made some personality comparisons) and is built from scratch AND even though I don't get to use all levels of Charity's existence and history (keeping things lighter for the kids and marketability) I feel a need to work on all of her levels so that when I perform script (especially at BCRF) I can find what I need in me to keep her alive and as real as the market will let me. I have always dreamed of having a chance to film something (A short, movie, etc.) where The Jade Dragon Crew can show that more 'dramatic side' and history of the story that began this adventure (as well as relationships between the characters and some of their origins) but budget and time will not allow that... Not yet. So I have to find a way to keep her alive. You see.. True actors find in their characters similar traits to themselves and much of what Charity has gone and is going through (trust and love leading to deception and then struggling to find trust and love in a different 'world' without being deceived again... AND holding onto what she thinks is the traits that make her who she is) is similar to some of my struggles. Since I can't afford to film it... Well...

My biggest outlet is my poems. I just write them. Don't think much.. Just write them. This was written this morning as I waited on someone. I was going to memorise script but my mind went into a 'find her' place and there it wrote. So.... Instead of hiding it I shall present it to all of you. If you would like to share it in any way, I ask that you include this post piece as well and a credit. I hope you all like it and I hope my art is shared. Thank you for your energy and thank you for your love.

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