In Memoriam: Rabbi Abraham Novitsky, a/k/a Rabbi Abraham Abraham

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Today, mateys, this ol' Hawk acknowledges a most 'orrible loss.

Last Wednesday, alas, we lost a true Pirate in every sense o' th' word --- well, at least he was that as far I be concern'd: Rabbi Abraham Novitsky, better known to his friends an' shipmates as the colorful, wacky, an' ferciously silly Rabbi Abraham Abraham, died in his beloved Coney Island, Brooklyn, He were 77, and lived all 'is life in Coney, and the surroundin' Brighton Beach vicinity.

He was that rarity among New Yorkers: a true New York character, an' one o' Brooklyn as well. In 1999, he ruled the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade as its King Neptune, and, true ter his legend, lived up to making his own rules that year. An' that weren't all.

When that landlubber David Blaine dared to freeze 'isself silly fer 86 hours, whilst 'oisted above th' airspace o' Times Square, well, it didn't take the ol' Rabbi long to make a bid ta top it. This he did by constructin' his very own igloo, made o' huge chunks o' ice. There the Rabbi spent a mammoth 110 hours --- and, by th' powers, he beat that little record but good, sez I!

Rabbi Abraham was founder an' organizer o' the Coney Island Ice-Breakers --- those loons what be spendin' New Year's Day in the ocean for a yearly swim. His last such swim occured in early January.

(Sniffle!) I hope ye mates don't mind me gittin' a bit emotional over the loss of this true-heart'd Pirate (Sniffle!), but if'n I were you lot, I'd raise me tankards o' rum in humble salute! (Honk!) Godspeed, Rabbi Abraham Abraham! May Davy Jones an' Neptune hisself treat ye kindly, and with all the honor what be due to ye! (Sniffle!)

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Raise a glass!

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Hawky -

I'll send the Rebbe Abraham of with a toast of a Nathan's frank... mustard, kraut and relish and a diet coke... just seems more... Coney Island.

Jas. Hook ;)

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