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Pirate Playoff Backet 2011 has begun!

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Arrr mateys! Put down your sabers and get ready to vote -- it’s time for the Pirate Playoffs! Will this year’s winner be a real pirate, or a fictional one?

This year we have 8 new challengers ready to battle-it-out against 8 contenders from 2009. Losers from the first round in the 2009 playoffs were replaced with new contestants (sorry Jack Sparrow), but they may be invited back next year. (The only exception is Stede Bonnet who lost to Blackbeard in the first round.)

If you remember, the winner of the 2009 playoffs was Blackbeard--the scourge of the seas. Although he will not be a contestant this year, he will go toe-to-toe against this year’s winner to defend his crown as the #1 Best Pirate Ever!


1) The polls will close 1 week from posting, which is Wednesday, March 23rd at approx. 9:30 a.m. (Pacific time), so be sure to let everyone know!!!

2) When voting, please keep in mind that you are voting for the actual pirate -- and not their entire crew.

3) Be honest with your vote -- if you really think Pirate A would win against Pirate B, have justification for it. In fact, we encourage a healthy debate over this.

4) Only VOTE ONCE for each poll! The polls are designed to allow a user only one vote; however, some people have managed to vote more than once. Excessive voting for one pirate may result in a penalty or possible pirate elimination. (We’ve got our eye on you Black Pirate.)

5) Please do us a favor and be sure to vote in each poll of each round, so the statistics match.

…and be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates! (

Commence yer voting!

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