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Dread Pyrate Greyhound

The End

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The End

The sun has risen, the sun has set

Their gallant deeds we shant forget

The final king has gone at last

The sand has fallen from the glass

On Guinea's sweltering Coast

The last king of the sea has gone to hell to roast

He was the best of the Best,

But now he's gone to rejoin the Rest

Black bart, was the last of his breed

Who on the trade of nations did feed

He was the very last to fall

But before he did, he acheived it all

he looted and stole, just like his mates

But after four years, now he shares their fate

Now, like them, he rests below

Down to Jones they all did go

The last pirate has died, tis true

Rejoined in the Locker by me and you

The Golden Age is over at last

And gone are the theives before the mast

Their legacy will live on howe'er

The pirate age will be remembered forever

For though they are long and gone

They are now immortal and a hundred times as strong

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