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Capt. Bo of the WTF co.

Cowboys and pyrates

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Well, my dear sweet much-better half is diving into the world of Cowboy Mounted Action Shooting. Gonna make these horses earn their oats as it were. Been getting rid of stuff right and left to help me get her going. Found one .45 Colt repro so far that I was able to trade for, got my old mentor looking for another (gotta have two for the competition). I won't be doing pyrate anymore, but I still like the research and sharing information, and as long as it is necessary for me to be hooked-up to the net, I'll be in and out when I can, between lesson planning, homework for the University, lesson planning, lesson planning, and more lesson planning. When I find something worth sharing, I'll continue to post. missi the interaction with my pyrate friends though. I won't be doing the riding and shooting, my spine won't take it anymore. I'll just be the grumpy ol' wrangler and gunsmith for my Blondie. Have a good winter if ya can.


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Sad to see ye switch sides. haha. But atleast you'll be around here. Goodluck with everything.

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Ah, going from piracy to Cowboy .... :D I came from Cowboy to piracy ..... thinking of trying to convert some of my old posse to privateers LOL!

Be sure you check out the Single Action Shooting Society. Also do a search on Cowboy Action and you will find LOTS of information.

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Mind you that you're going the other way but, still.

Courtesy of Mr. Buffett:

There's a cowboy in the jungle

And he looks so out of place

With his shrimpskin boots and his cheap cheroots

And his skin as white as paste

Headin' south to Paraguay

Where the Gauchos sing and shout

Now he's stuck in Porto Bello

Since his money all ran out

So he hangs out with the sailors

Night and day they're raisin' hell

And his original destination's just another

Story that he loves to tell

With no plans for the future

He still seems in control

From a bronco ride to a ten foot tide

He just had to learn to roll


Roll with the punches

Play all of his hunches

Make the best of whatever came his way

What he lacked in ambition

He made up with intuition

Plowing straight ahead come what may

Steel band in the distance

And their music floats across the bay

While American women in moomoos

Talk about all the things they did today

And their husbands quack about fishing

As they slug those rum drinks down

Discussing who caught what and who sat on his butt

But it's the only show in town.


They're tryin' to drink all the punches

They all may lose their lunches

Tryin' to cram lost years into five or six days

Seems that blind ambition erased their intuition

Plowin' straight ahead come what may.

I don't want to live on that kind of island

No I don't want to swim in a roped off sea

Too much for me, too much for me

I've got to be where the wind and the water are free.

Alone on a midnight passage

I can count the falling stars

While the Southern Cross and the satellites

They remind me of where we are

Spinning around in circles

Living it day to day

And still twenty four hours may be sixty good years

It's still not that long a stay.


We've gotta roll with the punches

Learn to play all of our hunches

Makin' the best of whatever comes your way

Forget that blind ambition

And learn to trust your intuition

Plowin' straight ahead come what may

And there's a cowboy in the jungle

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Ha! that's cool. Mind you I ain't doin the shootin part, just standin' around behind the scenes. I got enough civilian clothing from my Civil War days to dress the part, but this is Mounted Action Shooting, and it's for her, not me. I owe her for all the support during these last five-six years of rehab and carreer change. I just ride the slow-ponies now. All that runnin and sudden twistin an turnin hurts me too much nowadays. See ya in the jungle!


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