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i do a caribbean cruise each year and get to experience the variety of cultures and view alot of pirate locations around the caribbean. grand cayman islands are beautiful, and visit the sea turtle farm there highly recommended. i have been to many events i really enjoy the chuwaccan rendezvous held in 2008 oregon, i put a tavern together and did an 18th century encampment. Vallejo pirate faire (near San Fransico, California) great event with a variety of garb to see its a small pirate faire in space but alot of public traffic, free admission and free parking, great for a day or weekend visit. alafia rendezvous(Homeland, Florida) is another huge event with loads of traders to buy all kinds of gear for your encampment and dress. Brushy Creek has 3 rendezvous, 3 different clubs hold a rendezvous at this site, (near Sacramento, California) great target shooting course and live cannon fire competion course. if ya want to see the best live fire cannon competions plan a visit to the pacific primitive rendezvous or sierra muzzloaders spring rendezvous (near-Brownsville, California)-they build a replica (small) fort and take turns blowing it up. really good place to view bowling ball mortars do live fire.

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