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Do you want to get involved in an epic battle? At least for a few week

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Forum Name: Beat to Quarters

Short forum description: It is the Age of Sail in the West Indies, and the last days of piracy. In September, 1741, the pirate ship "Sea Hound" has learnt about a Spanish galleon and they are waiting in the Bahamas to trick this ship into a labyrinth of islets and attack it. They have just survived a storm, and now they are waiting for their prey… We need temporary players for some NPCs for this epic battle. If you like the athmosphere and want afterwards to make a character and join "Beat to Quarters", welcome aboard. If not, just play pretend for a few weeks that you are a Spanish seafarer…

TEMPORARY Character Search:

Upcoming in the story on "Beat to Quarters" is a battle with a Spanish galleon, the "Madre de Dios", carrying silver back to Spain. Separated from their escort ship during the heavy storm, the sailors' journey through the labyrinth of islands and islets of the Bahamas, hunting ground of the "Sea Hound", lies ahead. How far will they get before the pirates strike?

We're playing the Spanish seamen as NPCs and you're invited to join in. Maybe you don't have time to commit to a regular character or just haven't decided yet if you like playing with us? Here's your chance to test the waters. Just register a NPC account ("NPC_nickname") according to the rules found here , post in the "Battle Ahead" discussion thread which NPC aboard the galleon you'll be playing and join in! No obligations to remain after completing the fight... but if you like the atmosphere and wish to remain, welcome!

The first thread aboard the Madre de Dios has started here . More information about the galleon and the mission here.

We need you all... Join for an epic battle!

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