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Here Be Pirates

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Here Be Pirates

When dawn approached,

I took to this vessel,

A stowaway amongst

The damned and martyrs alike,

Swept up with the undertow,

I set off on my journey,

Through uncharted waters

Of a raging sea...

With the erosion of time,

As the decadence wore away,

Scallywags and traitors,

We've all become,

Mercenaries and thieves,

Assuming each others disguise,

Cut down and internally raped

With the lot of them,

This torrent of madness

Was drowning me,

Seabound with seablood, we were,

Tortured and revered for our crimes,

Beneath blackened skies,

I could sometimes hear a distant wailing,

A ghost of a memory

Left somewhere behind...

'Neath midday sun,

Scorched and scathed,

And not even a broken compass

To guide the way,

Weary and stricken

With a sloshed mentality

That could choke on your rum

All the same,

Oh, how I sometimes desire to

Cast myself overboard,

A self-sacrifice to the kraken

Or perhaps a Celtic god,

But lo, these shackles keep

Me bound to this vessel,

Crafted with an unbreakable chain,

A stubborn will to call my own,

Some crew and comrades

Could claim the same,

Ever dear to this being,

Betwixt shadow and light, most remain...

The eleventh year of this voyage

Has slowly come to transpire,

My blood quickens, wondering

How much longer it will last.

On the pursuit of treasures,

Though not of a crystalline make,

I find solace with my thoughts

And the comfort of each

Marauding storm.

Upon distant horizons, I know

Twilight will be coming,

As this ship cuts through

The sea like a sword,

Those forgotten shores are

Calling me home.

A pirate I will be,

No more.

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