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Abandon Ship!

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Abandon Ship!

While running away from me and back to you,

Down to the shores of a deep, blue sea,

I saw a fleet of ships on the horizon

And fell in love with a life of piracy.

How could I say no to the pursuit of shineys,

the throes of battle, or consumption of rum?

Well, maybe the latter wouldn't fit right with me,

But swill and grog works just right for some...

Havoc wreaking ne'er-do-wells kept me company,

As we pillaged and plundered each isle,

Though I must confess this one small thing,

Your bloody memory haunted me all the while..

It was early morning when the storm crept up on us,

With an armada closing in from behind,

It wasn't til Cannons were blazing all around me,

When I finally realized, I've lost my damn mind!

I vowed to make my way back to you,

Come hell or high water this day,

But our ship was suddenly blown apart,

Leaving me adrift and alone in this bay.

Many moons, I've been lost out here,

Trying to sail my way back to you,

And if I should abandon this sinking vessel,

I'll be crushed under the depths of blue.

A pirate's life is not for everyone,

Though I sure as hell thought it was the life for me...

But I'd much rather get back to dry land,

Where I can have the greatest of treasures for free.

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